90210 Scoop: Is It Really Over for Liam and Annie?!?

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She turned down his proposal and he was caught sleeping with another woman on "Greek Tragedy." So it really is over between Annie and Liam on 90210, right?

Yes, Matt Lanter confirms in a new interview: “This is the most official we’ve seen them split up. We’re filming episode 8 or 9, and there’s no sign of them yet getting back together."

Liam does have plenty to worry about his new girlfriend... who is pregnant with a dead man's child.

"We’re going to see him accept the responsibility and then struggle with it," Lanter tells EW. "He’s not going to be able to support it - both emotionally and financially. So even though he makes some choices, he still struggles. He’s still a young kid.”

The actor does come right out and say Liam and Jane are "not in it for the long haul," so look for the character to be single once again - and also to spend a lot of time with Teddy. As much time as he can, that is. Confirming another rumor, Lanter concludes:

"I wish we could develop their friendship a lot more, but Teddy’s not going to be around much longer.”


this show is amazing it got so much happening and it amazing i think everyone who like dram should watch it and i love silver :)


I think Liam and Adrianna wud b really cute (even though he is kinda rude 2 her) but sadly I think dixon and adrianna r goin to end up together bcoz it wud make a better storyline wit silver bein his ex and navid his best friend it wud stir up a lot of drama don't u think!


Okay that sucks, this is the only reason I'm watching this show is for Annie and Liam


God i hate the writers! you guys suck.


Liam & Annie can't be over.Lannie is the only reason that makes 90210 what it is,& the show will go down with out them,they need 2 bring them back has a couple 4 good,or alot of fans will stop watching it.


I like Naomi & Liam still..
& Ade & Navid..


So pissed at the writers for splitting them up! Lannie need to get back! Apparently ade + dixon get close coz he goes through drug problems:)


Yeah, I want Liam/Adrianna too, but I don't think it will happen. I think we can all agree Jane needs to go. LOL.


I think that Liam and Annie will get back together at midseason. The reason they're not in each others storylines and such, is because Annie is escorting and trying to support her way through college, while Liam is opening a bar and helping a pregnant woman, whom he apparently "loves" or whatever.
Eventually, Jane will leave and Annie will get her money or something like that and they'll be a happier couple. IF NOT, it's what the new showrunners have carried out, as they're no longer interested in any character evolvement between the two.


IF Nilver fails, I think it'll take Silver about 3 weeks to move on to Liam.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.