ABC Family Cancels Chloe King, Orders Additional Episodes of The Lying Game

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ABC Family has made a couple key programming announcements:

  1. The network has canceled The Nine Lives of Chloe King, a popular drama on TV Fanatic that was based on a novel series by Liz Braswell.
  2. The network has ordered 12 new episodes of The Lying Game. Also based on a novel series (Sara Shepard of Pretty Little Liars fame), no word yet on when the back half of the first season will air.
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I remember there was a tv show called Jericho on tv they cancled it! everyone who loved it wrote emails and sent letters to the network so they picked it back up!! we need to do that to get Chloe back!! Ughhh why did they cancel it i liked it so much and at a cliffhanger wtf


I am sad they cancelled Nine Lives of Chloe King. A show that shows a strong young lady with good moral values. Unlike the superfical girls that are portrayed on tv now that only care about what they are waering, driving, and who's friends with who. Please bring Chloe back. I am a mother of a tennager and a tween so for them to be more intrested in a group of young adults fighting for what's right and not stuck on superfical iteams and what nots is sad as a parent. As if teenagers don't have enough pressures to deal with like these idols they look up to who are size zero, have nice clothes, drive nice cars, money and popularity are everything. Let's just cancelle a show that goes beyond that, that goes deeper then that. A show that shows character, morals, loyalty, friendship,love, faith, and hope. Sad ABCF you have let me down as a parent..

Ronald simkins

Pity they cancelled the show but thank God they renewed Pretty Little Liars/the Lying Game sorry I keep getting them confused. They really should rename the show Pretty Stupid Liars.


ok first abc family cancelled kyle xy at a cliff hanger (one show i loved) then 10 things i hate about you (another show i loved) and now nine lives?!?! seriously?!?!?! why are they canceling all the shows that actually interest me and why is it all ways at a good part??? uuuuughhhh i hate it!!!! >:( its soo sad because tv shows are never likee the books so it just leaves everyone confused when you leave us hangin like that.. :(


This is ridiculous. Chloe King was my favorite show. I loved everything about it. And for ABC family to cancel it!? I am official pissed off. I do not want to even watch ABC Family anymore. I thought, "oh, maybe i can just read the books and see what happens... "NO. nothing in the books are the same. NOTHING AT ALL. The show was amazing. And everyone I know watched the show. THE LYING GAME SUCKS MORE THAN ANYTHING.
I hate it. and if ABC Family wants to get good ratings and have people watch they're channel more, i suggest you put Chloe King back on.


you people are realy retarted for putting on the lying game and to you people who like like that show fuck you. Everyone liked that show and you just had to cancel it right. And just to let you know look above my post and lopk at how many people liked that.Wait a second I can just tell everybody I know not to watch any show on abc family. If i were you I would put it back on.This is a way of saying tha lying game sucks.


uuuugggghhh!!! soooo sad!!! put the nine lives of chloe king back on like seriously you just cut the show of when the series isn't over and it really sucks that it was a cliff hanger!!! i almost cried because it was such a good series!!! PLUS ALEK IS SUPER CUTE!!!!! AHHHH! ;(


OMFG this is soo sad, after that final episode I was left with so many questions like... What happens to Chloe and alek?, what happens to Brian?, what happens to jasmine and valentina? Is Brian like chloe's brother and also mai? ( I don't know how to spell it) arg!!!!! Soo many questions, no answers, (unless I read the books) :.(

Rhianna speranzo

i wasnt a big fan of chloe king but i really wanted to know if he died or not!!! grr i hate that


I hate when they leave stories unfinished!!! and Chloe was a cute show, just like with the Gates, that girl has no luck!

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