Alphas Episode Promo: A Suspect Doctor

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Alphas may have taken a week off from airing new episodes, but it still made headlines this week, as Syfy picked up the series for a second season.

There's still more to come on the first, though, of course, as "Blind Spot" comes at viewers on Monday night. It features Brent Spiner as an obstetrician the team thinks has tied to Red Flag. Will he secret save or destroy the team?

Rebecca Mader also guest stars on the episode, as previewed here:


Good show! I just cannot figure out why the blind doctor is wearing glasses! Anyone?


Brent Spiner was the command performance for Blind Spot. The only reason I tuned in to start watching Alphas was that I had read he would guest star. Then they kill him off. Bad move. He is a brilliant actor and would have added great suspense, tension, and excitement to the show. I'm disappointed to put it mildly.


I thot they would pair Rachel with hicks not the obvious with nina anyway,stl enjoying the show!

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