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Last month on “Rosetta,” I was happy to see Alphas introduce a main adversary in the form of Red Flag. However, "Blind Spot" wasn’t the best continuation of this mythology.

While it looks like Red Flag and the Alphas aren’t on such different sides – well, they never really were, right? It was all about their methodologies – here Dr. Kerns wanted Rosen to believe the enemies the Alphas faced prior were on the fringe, merely radicals compared to the real Red Flag members.

Rebecca Mader on Alphas

I guess he would have said anything to Rosen to get him on their side, or at the very least let him go. But Kerns’ power was awesome, wasn’t it? No optic nerves, but he could see using sonar, just like a bat (or a dolphin!). The special effects for it were top notch. as well. Watching Rosen’s face reimagined in sonar was awesome.

But what was Kerns trying to push? His goals were the same as Rosen’s, accepting Alphas, and he developed a vitamin that would allow the Alphas to continue to be born even after the genetic defect drug. All of that would be fine if Griffin wasn’t introduced.

With Griffin, another layer was added to the mythology, which was about the last thing that was needed when Red Flag itself hasn’t had time to come together. Whoever hired her for this job now wanted Kerns’ formula for the vitamin. At the very least, this addition could have benefited from some familiar faces and some clearer goals.

But there has been none of those. Alphas has mainly skirted Red Flag since “Rosetta” in favor of open and shut cases every week. Is it a nail in the coffin for the show? No, but having three balls up in the air for a series that still hasn’t quite figured out what it wants to be isn't a good sign.

If I were a betting man, though, my guess would be that Griffin’s clients are already on a side we’ve been introduced to.

Overall, Alphas has to decide what type of story to tell because some things are becoming increasingly hard to overlook, especially from a show that has almost finished its first season.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m glad Bill was ready to ditch the minivan.
  • Gary attempt to fend off Griffin with his DCIS badge was hilarious.
  • I was hoping the thread of Rosen killing someone would carry through to this episode.


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I agree with Sama in that I like the way some of the Alphas' powers are presented. I'm still not totally clear on how Nina's power works. Clearly, the pushee must be able to see her and it seems obvious they must also be able to hear her. Was there any mention in previous eps. about whether or not distance is a factor? I like this show a lot, but I must admit I get the feeling I'm missing some vital piece of information from one show to the next. I don't know if its ADD or the fact that, as Mitch pointed out, there are so many layers to the mythology floating around.


Yeah, the show is getting a bit scattered. It's been renewed so hopefully things will stabilize by/in the 2nd season. Smart of Griffin to take out Rachel first. Good on the team not taking the risk on kern.


This was probably the best the best episode of Alphas so far! And I loved Rebecca Mader's character and acting! Hope to see more of her in the future, which I'm sure will be happening. And the whole concept of being invisible by hiding in one's blind spot is seriously genius! I love how Alphas strays away from the too out-there powers and focuses on more grounded superpowers (even though, ultimately, they are superpowers). 9.5/10 for the episode! I minused 0.5 because the episode crammed a lot of plotlines together, and even though it mainly had no problems, I just felt that some of these may have been better spread-out.


The addition of Brent Spiner as a recurring character is a plus and I think Griffin may herald an ally that will move them away from what has become an increasingly uncomfortable association with the government.

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Bill: What, like a bat?
Rosen: Or a dolphin.

Duck and cover Bill.