Ashton Kutcher Records New Two and a Half Men Opening

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It's official: Ashton Kutcher is part of the Two and a Half Men cast.

Yes, the actor signed a contract months ago, has appeared in a couple promotional sports and has already taped his first episode. But no transformation could be complete without a new opening credit sequence, which hit the Internet today.

Watch below, as Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones tell the world how they are "men men men men manly men men men..."


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


Good Job!!! I like it ! Ashton can handle it! Screw the haters! like Shelby Mansford said. It's true that nobody can't fill charlie sheen's shoes but Ashton is something fresh take it as it is.. : | he's tryin' let the men do his job. geeshh..!


I totally agree with you VoiceFan. He sounds so sexy ... I would let him sing to me anyday!


Wow ... I love Ashton's voice in the new opening song ... how sexy!


i'm going to continue watching two and a half men. ashton is an awesome addition to the show, and i look forward to more! good job ashton! screw all the haters!


this is about the worst thing I have ever seen. Get Charlie back ashton Sucks ass!!!!


That sucked! I want to give the show a shot but if that is any indication on how the show is going to be just shoot it now and get the slow death over with. I dont see it working.


On voit dans l'opening qu'un des deux n'y croient


I'm looking forward to seeing Ashton's character in this show. Either way, I hope they'll lay off the laugh track machine a little. With great shows like Modern Family, The Office, etc. using good writing, not fake laughs, it's possible; just make sure your writers are writing some good(and funny) stuff.


I'm on board... At lease for 2 or 3 episodes... will see.

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