Brett Davern Interview: Will Jake Be Alright?!?

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Team Jake fans have been dealt a cruel blow on Awkward: Jenna has chosen Matty over the lovable character portrayed by Brett Davern. But the actor has a message for his supporters.

Jake will "be alright," he told me over the phone. "It's a rocky road from here on out, sure. And there are a lot of ups and downs and ton of drama remaining this season. But don't worry about Jake."

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Does that mean Jake will rebound with a new girl? Well...

"He's got a girlfriend, remember," Davern said. "He's got to work on the relationship with Lissa... but something does happen at the end of the season, and people are not gonna see it coming."

The show can afford to air a cliffhanger because MTV has already picked up Awkward for a second summer. To what does Davern attribute it success?

"Above all else, it's grounded in realism," he says. "It's funny... but the writers put their own experiences in there, that's where the honesty comes from. Viewers can relate to it."

Awkward will air a new episode tomorrow night and then two new installments to close out the season next Tuesday, September 27.

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would jenna ever stop playing with matty and jake. jake is fun, open and really cares for her. but jenna obviously doesnt care and takes him for granted .


Jenna deserves to be with Jake, because he is so cute and educated. At a certain moment, I was full of Matty`s lies and apologises. She should certainly choose JAKE!(:




Awkward is AWESOME! i cant bearly stop watching all episodes but my Favorite is Episode 5 JENNA LIVES and Episode 11 I am Jenna and Episode 12 Fateful :D


well i had no idea that there was a series known as awkward till my sis got me the dvd
i loved it so much that i watche it three times a day i realy want to see season 2 and how many more seasons will there be

Rhianna speranzo

if he ends up with sadie or tamara...omg

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