Burn Notice Summer Finale Review: Cliffhanging Done Right

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On the summer finale of Burn Notice, Michael came face-to-face with the last man who burned him; too bad he just framed him and Fiona and had both of them "Dead to Rights."

As cliff-hanger finales go, this was near perfect. The overarching story of Michael being burned got more interesting, but the smaller part we have been chasing since Max’s death was wrapped up. Matt Nix, would you please teach the other shows how it’s meant to work? 

Agent Pearce vs. Sam

I was going to say that the Tavien storyline felt like it ended abruptly, given that just last week Tavien wanted to talk to Michael so much he kidnapped Sam to make it happen. Then, when push came to shove, he opted for a swan dive off the parking structure.

Really??! The man has been a ghost for months, one step ahead of the Scooby Gang all season, we finally get to learn more about him... and he punches his own ticket? 

If only things were that simple for Michael. I was blown away by Anson’s reveal that he was behind Max’s murder and Tavien. The fact that Tavien was only a hired gun and Anson was behind Max’s death made Tavien’s fatal deceleration trauma make so much more sense.

It looks like Nix and company granted two of the wishes I have mentioned over the past several weeks. The first being a bad guy we could see and with whom Michael could interact. 

Fullerton (played by Jere Burns) looks to be Michael’s strongest and most intelligent nemesis to date. Michael is going to have to work twice as hard to outsmart someone who thinks several moves ahead and has stacked the board in his favor.

Then there's the return of Agent Pearce. Her admission that she was going to still be Michael’s contact made me super happy. I think she will forgive Michael, as her anger subsides she will remember all the good he has done since she met him and in time they will be BFFs.

Okay, maybe not, given that he will most likely hide (again) the fact he is being blackmailed by Anson “for her own good.” Maybe Michael will learn his lesson and surprise me by telling her early on so she can help, but I’m not holding my breath.

On the flipside, now that Pearce is going to be around, I can resume hoping that she and Jesse will hook up! Perhaps a proper date? Seeing as he's trying to be an honest man. Women like that, right?

We should take a moment and bow our heads in silence for Larry Sizemore. We won’t, but we should.

In reality, I don’t actually believe Larry is dead. He's been "dead" a few times and it doesn't tend to stick. Until Michael or Fiona uncovers a body, I’m assuming we will see Larry again.

However, I can say that Fiona’s method of luring him to the window and then blowing him to away was really ingenious. Minus that whole “blew up two innocent guards” part.  

When the show returns in November it will be exciting to see how Michael handles the pressures of Pearce, Anson, and the realization that he has ties in Miami now and his actions could affect others. 

What would you like to see happen? Should Pearce join the Scooby Gang unofficially? Share below!


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SES! Your theory is perfect! That Anson planted the bomb to get to Fi because it's clear he knows the best way to get to Fi and Mike is to get them to try and defend each other. The most mindblowing part was Maddy going to a therapist about Mike's dad - maybe Mike's father was a spook and that's why he had anger issues? I hope they talk more about Mike's dad and maybe they're laying out the foundation because they've brought him up more than usual. I can't believe Maddy saw a therapist and what if somehow she was in therapy for being a wife of a spook or so. They've never really gone into what Mike's father did. I hope Fi learns she didn't kill those people at all because I don't think her blast did it and it's only a matter of time before Mike and Fiona uncover the truth. And its definitely only a matter of time before Pierce finds out! My heart was racing the entire time!


One of the worst episodes ever. This show has gone stale. So predictable that another person would show up as 'the real person who burned Michael'. Getting old. Burn Notice has Jumped The Shark.


So I wondring did Michael Dad work for the CIA and his mother knew and that why she went to see a therapist


@ FG Best ever? Imho that still goes to "long way back" when Mike had to shoot Strickler to save Fiona (s3 finale I think) @ Jim....I am wrong for now about Raines, but that could still change.... Personally I hope Dead Larry finally lives up to his name because his character is played out. Sam should have smoked him when he had the chance last year. I see Michael battling Anson without CIA assistance. Some people never learn, haha, but I'm hoping that it does turn into another Carla s2 storyline. Overall a very satisfying eoiside. I am very curious how it did in the ratings against the NFL.


I apologize for writing such long reviews, but I just have to ask.
Whats this about Frank being involved in all this? He ruined Michaels childhood, and now we find out that he had something to do with him being burned? Or something along those lines. And Madelines therapist?
Now THATS what I'm excited about.


Yowza, best ever! Even with all the bad stuff happening. All characters had amazing roles in this episode!
Michael, well, he's the main, but he did a good job of it all. Can't believe Larry got him to crack under pressure, and say that he was just like him. I wish they went a little more on that. I loved the way he grabbed Anson by his shirt and held him up. Sweet taste of Michael badassness. Sam was just so funny, "I'm sorry sir, I know its Sam Siesta Time..." LOL and he was overall great. Jesse's mad driving skills, man, I wish he was more involved in this, like in the last season's summer finale. Madeline, with her inspiring/helpful/motherly advice, which Michael tends not to follow. Pearce was more assertive, and her character finally "emerged" totally. That anger was just...wow.
And Fiona...(I saved my best perception of character for last)...
There was so much going through my mind with her. That small moment with her and Michael was sweet :) Nicely done. She was angry, she was crazy. And the highlight of the episode (for her): She felt remorse. She doesn't usually, so it was a dynamic key part to the story. She cried. It wasn't even her fault, and she knew that before Anson showed up, but she couldn't help herself. She stood out in this episode. 5 stars just for her performance.
Larry, wow, did not see him coming, since I don't read/watch trailers or spoilers :P He was, like he said, harsh and he was gonna make Michael do his doing, and he wasn't going to be nice about it. Thats like the fourth episode with him, right? I think he is Michaels most recurring alter ego. It was obvious in his previous appearances that he looked onto Michael as a son, but hearing him say it...was just so sad. I don't know how, or why, but I felt pretty bad for Larry in this episode. After trying three times to get Michael to see his way without much damage, he gave up. Michael put him through the hell he deserved, but it makes me feel bad for him. He even looked hurt at points when he thought Michael was trying to betray him. I'm pretty sure he'll come back, unless his body's found. He's "Dead" Larry, isn't he?
Oh, moving to that son of a b**** Anson. He's the brain behind Michael's fate. Flashbacks to Vaughn, Management and Carla were an amazing touch. But back to him. I was sitting and feeling bad for him, and thinking well of him. Lost his wife, poor man. Oh, he wants to help get rid of Larry, brave man. This is partly like Season 3, episode 8, with Natalie. Anyone else notice? ;) He has gone great lengths to make Michael fall, and now once Michael's got to the top, he's gonna be pushed down again. Poor Fi, I hope she doesn't feel like its her fault again, otherwise, in no time, she'll fall apart. Though I hoped to be proved wrong. Anson certainly doesn't look the part of evil mastermind, but I guess thats a perk, seeing that no one will suspect him.
I have to agree with Jim. The Mystery of The Max Murder comes to very abrupt and fast end. I thought it would drag out for the whole episode, but the episode was perfect either way. And Tavien jumped? Seriously? Do all bad guys plan to die if it doesn't go their way? But no worries, nothing at all ruined this episode :P
From beginning to end, the energy, angst, the explosiveness, never ended. This is a truly unique episode.
I look forward to November :)


I think Anson blew up the guards. He waited for Fiona's well positioned bomb to go off and then detonated the ones he had placed. Most modern day explosive devices don't usually detonate without a specific trigger being pushed. He wanted Fi to feel guilty so she'd "confess" and then he'd have the ammunition to get Michael to do his bidding. I think he took out the first floor and captured Fi on the roof with hidden cameras. She didn't need to actually kill those men because, as the title suggests, he's got her dead to rights regardless of guilt. And as someone pointed out over in USA's Burn Notice forum, Anson was extremely clever to use the name of Fiona's dead sister Claire for his "wife". He certainly is very good at what he does.

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