Castle Season Premiere Review: Captain, Oh New Captain

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Welcome back TV Fanatics! Castle kicked off its fourth season with "Rise" and wasted no time making us feel the angst and anxiety we were left with from the May finale. There were confessions, arguments and new characters. Time to discuss!

Beckett is alive! Ok, this comes as a shock to nobody, but it was great seeing our favorite female detective back on her feet. Girl is doing more thank alright, too, admitting that she remembers everything from the shooting, and even more importantly, Castle’s confession!

Cop vs. Doctor

Captain “Iron” Gates is no Montgomery. Penny Johnson has joined the cast to replace Captain Montgomery.

We were warned she was going to be tough and, boy, was that the truth. I have reservations about this character, though. I don’t think she can stay on opposite ends of the team for too long, so let’s hope she ends being a Caskett shipper like the rest of us. Either way, there is no replacement for the severely missed Roy Montgomery.

More Screen Time for Bromances! There was definitely a spike in screen time for Ryan and Esposito. Let’s hope this continues throughout the season, shall we? If anyone deserves it, it is these two. Plus, how can you not love the bromance between these two and Castle? Anyone else love when Ryan mentioned that Castle would have loved the case?

Return of Beckett

The Real Case: After the finale, I could not figure out how they could make Beckett’s mother's case any better. For me, there was no getting better than finding out about Montgomery’s involvement. Here is hoping that season four provides the same twists that keep this case the backbone of the series.

Side Notes…

  • Castle and Beckett’s exchanges in the hospital = pure chemistry.
  • She broke up with Josh!!
  • Beckett remembers everything. Who is with me in saying that I cannot wait for the conversation between her and Castle about those three little words?
  • Who is the man that Montgomery sent the files to and called Castle?
Castle in the Hospital

Things I Am Hoping for This Season:

  • The return of 3XK.
  • Castle having a romance with anyone besides his ex-wife.
  • Alexis having a significant role... or no role at all.
  • A Lanie/Esposito engagement
  • So. we are going to try something new this season. Each week, I will pick the best quote and the character who stole a scene from the episode. Join me in the comments and let the rest of us TV Fanatics who you think is the Quote King/Queen and Scene Stealer.

Best Quote:

Castle: “You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, you know that? Do you know what that’s like? To watch the life drain out of someone you care about?

Scene Stealer:

Kate Beckett: Freezing up while facing off with this week’s killer. Stana Katic played this flawlessly.

Ryan and Esposito

Season premiere down... only new episodes to go! Sound off and let us know what you thought of the first episode of season four, starting with this question Anyone else instantly hate Gates?


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Beckett was not forthright with Josh. He had the wrong information. boy did he play the insecure almost jealous boyfriend well.


didnt anybody notice that mr smith.. the guy with the clippings was in a doctors coat walking past castle as he was about to enter becketts room with flowers


I am not sure why everyone thinks the captain will become pleasant. I have worked for women, and men, like her. They start out assh***s, and they stay that way. Not everyone becomes sweet and washed in the milk of human kindness. This woman clearly has some serious issues, insisting on being called "Sir", and I would be more surprised if she softens at all, than if she does not. She survived and thrived in the poisonous atmosphere of Internal Affairs. It is not likely that she has any remaining kindness in her. Wishing she is going to go away or get shot is not going to send her to the cornfield, either. They signed her for the year, and advertised the bejeebers out of it. The show runners are proud to have landed this actress, and will be using her. I never saw "24", but if she played a nasty person there, too, then I am wondering if she is a one trick pony. In any case, she should provide some good complications. Speaking from personal experience, it is easier to work for someone who is actively hostile to her employees, than for someone who cannot be bothered to remember their names. The second type is perfectly capable of taking an employee out and sacrificing them at high noon, if it would benefit the boss in some way. I have seen it in my real life. It happened to me. I think we should be grateful that this new captain appears to be actively hostile, rather than oblivious.


Kate Beckett: Freezing up while facing off with this week’s killer. Stana Katic played this flawlessly. I love that you noticed that. I replayed that moment like 20 times because of how well Katic played it. Good eye.


i actually think that quote was: "“You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, you know that? Do you know what that’s like? To watch the life drain out of someone you lo... care about?"


As regards the new captain...hope she gets shot soon. She is a real downer.
I am so sick of seeing "tough, minority" women being put in positions of power that their personality alone, would probably keep them from getting.
Otherwise, "Rise" was great.


From what I understand there IS going to be an episode where Castle and another woman become romantically involved. I have read many comments on here from people rejecting this plan and I totally agree with them. The problem I see is that it has probably already been shot and is ready to air. I am resolved to the fact that we will be seeing this happen but pray that it is handled in a way that instead of setting Castle and Beckett back in their relationship may actually bring them closer. As strange as that sounds, I can see it being written as a method of soothing Castle's feelings of hurt and rejection by Beckett. When someone comes along and shows him that he is still desirable and fun it makes him feel good about himself again. Beckett however realizes that suddenly she is becoming angry and jealous and sets out to end this little interlude between Castle and this other woman. Lanie sees the anger in Beckett and decides to be blunt with her saying she can see this as his way of coping with a one sided love situation. Kate tries to deny any romantic feelings for Castle but Lanie tells her that everyone has known for a long time that if there isn't a romance going on between them, there should be. Kate doesn't answer Lanie's rant but knows only too well that she was right on. Kate then realizes that she has been focusing mostly on her own needs and problems and sets her mind to a little competition for this new love interest. Castle is amazed that Kate is vying for his attention and he realizes that he was unintentionally using this woman to make himself feel better. He eases away from this other woman deciding to see if Kate is ready to move forward some in their relationship. Kate confesses that she has been seeing the psychiatrist again. She admits to Castle that she had heard what he said when she was shot and she is hoping with the psychiatrist's help to break down the walls that are keeping her from moving forward with their relationship. Castle is excited to know that Kate did hear him and thankful that his words meant enough that she is seeking medical help to deal with the trauma that is keeping them apart. Okay so I was not happy with the idea of a romance for Castle and I fantasized this crazy idea but it helps me cope with the writers constantly having one or both of them flirting around with another person. PLEASE WRITERS -- GIVE IT UP ALREADY -- YOU ARE DRIVING US NUTS!!!


LOVED your review! Thank you for focusing on what we saw rather than comparing it to different Castle episodes. I, too loved the Bromance stuff. The new captain is interesting. One of the first things on the table is she sees Beckett as a threat. That little quip about Kate beating her by six weeks spoke volumes. It's gonna be tense for AWHILE. I think a slight softening could occur if the captain comes to realize Beckett doesn't have the same ambitions as her, but never to the point that she'd mess up her own career opportunities. I knew Kate was lying when she said she didn't remember, but as she went on about realizing about her walls and needing to resolve her mother's murder so she could bring those walls down, I got why she did. No way could she deal with Castle KNOWING she'd heard when she's struggling to open herself up to recieve that kind of love. I also loved her veiled admission that what Castle said to her in their fight that night was correct. I think she emphasized maybe 3 times that she'd "liked" Josh. It felt like shorthand for: "You were right, Castle. I never loved him. Yes, I have been hiding behind these walls, but it's not enough for me anymore. I want to bring thosw walls down, and when I do, it WON'T be because I want to be with Josh..." She's looking dead at Castle when she says "the kind of reltionship I want." Then, the thing with her having to pull the gun - both times were amazing! Stana knocked those out the park! The culmination of all that: she goes back to the shrink - because she realizes that in order to REALLY get better she has to deal with ALL of it, She can't sort it out on her own, and for Kate Beckett, that step alone is HUGE! That being said, the LAST thing I want to see is Castle hooking up with some other woman. That would seem RIDICULOUS after this season opener. Unlike the end of season two where Castle didn't know Kate had broken up with Demming and was going to take him up on his offer, he KNOWS what's going on with Kate, the woman he says he loves. Him hooking up with someone else now would, in my eyes, make him a flake. Like, if he's busting his ass to find Kate's killer, to keep her safe and so that she cam bring those walls down so THEY can have a shot, why the hell would he be hooking up with someone else? He had less at sake when Natalie Rhodes came on to him. If he didn't take the bait THEN, why would he do so now? Sorry, but that just doesn't make sense - a real boneshead move. There is enough tension and issues going on within the Castle universe to make the development of a full-on romance between Kate & Rick slowgoing without throwing in a nonsensical third party obstacle. This is not a roadrunner cartoon, so please skip the anvil.


i think Kate should bring her back to reality right now! she knew she's in love with someone else . that's why she broke up with that doctor guy! if i were Castle, i'd leave after finishing Kate's case. he should think of his family in the first place, right? he did what he needed to do. and now he keeps waiting for Beckett to reciprocate? he wasted three months for her to call him!!! and she came and said "she was sorry"!!! that's that!!


"Things I Am Hoping for This Season: Castle having a romance with anyone besides his ex-wife." Are we kidding? So you want him to forget those three little words and hook up with anyone, in other words maybe not even Becket, just as long as it isn't his ex-wife? I am hoping for anything but that. Castle has grown. And I REALLY hope we're moving past the love triangles that are overly done on every show anyway.

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Castle Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going to lose her again.


I know I'm not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want until the wall comes down. I cant do that until this is put to rest.