Castle Season Premiere Review: Captain, Oh New Captain

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Welcome back TV Fanatics! Castle kicked off its fourth season with "Rise" and wasted no time making us feel the angst and anxiety we were left with from the May finale. There were confessions, arguments and new characters. Time to discuss!

Beckett is alive! Ok, this comes as a shock to nobody, but it was great seeing our favorite female detective back on her feet. Girl is doing more thank alright, too, admitting that she remembers everything from the shooting, and even more importantly, Castle’s confession!

Cop vs. Doctor

Captain “Iron” Gates is no Montgomery. Penny Johnson has joined the cast to replace Captain Montgomery.

We were warned she was going to be tough and, boy, was that the truth. I have reservations about this character, though. I don’t think she can stay on opposite ends of the team for too long, so let’s hope she ends being a Caskett shipper like the rest of us. Either way, there is no replacement for the severely missed Roy Montgomery.

More Screen Time for Bromances! There was definitely a spike in screen time for Ryan and Esposito. Let’s hope this continues throughout the season, shall we? If anyone deserves it, it is these two. Plus, how can you not love the bromance between these two and Castle? Anyone else love when Ryan mentioned that Castle would have loved the case?

Return of Beckett

The Real Case: After the finale, I could not figure out how they could make Beckett’s mother's case any better. For me, there was no getting better than finding out about Montgomery’s involvement. Here is hoping that season four provides the same twists that keep this case the backbone of the series.

Side Notes…

  • Castle and Beckett’s exchanges in the hospital = pure chemistry.
  • She broke up with Josh!!
  • Beckett remembers everything. Who is with me in saying that I cannot wait for the conversation between her and Castle about those three little words?
  • Who is the man that Montgomery sent the files to and called Castle?
Castle in the Hospital

Things I Am Hoping for This Season:

  • The return of 3XK.
  • Castle having a romance with anyone besides his ex-wife.
  • Alexis having a significant role... or no role at all.
  • A Lanie/Esposito engagement
  • So. we are going to try something new this season. Each week, I will pick the best quote and the character who stole a scene from the episode. Join me in the comments and let the rest of us TV Fanatics who you think is the Quote King/Queen and Scene Stealer.

Best Quote:

Castle: “You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, you know that? Do you know what that’s like? To watch the life drain out of someone you care about?

Scene Stealer:

Kate Beckett: Freezing up while facing off with this week’s killer. Stana Katic played this flawlessly.

Ryan and Esposito

Season premiere down... only new episodes to go! Sound off and let us know what you thought of the first episode of season four, starting with this question Anyone else instantly hate Gates?


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Horrible episode. How is it possible that this got so many stars? Every move was telegraphed miles ahead. This show has become a complete soap opera. This certainly was the last time I watched this.


Great return ! And I agree with you Courtney, hope they do something «intelligent» with Alexis. Castle should be a father first. (well in real life!).


SUCKED What the fuck??? How did this get 4 stars. You could see everything coming with maybe the exception of Beckett confession that she remembered all of it.
Terrible episode. Completely lacked the suspense. The murder at the side-plot was like a 10 min-story which felt completely out of place.
The usual and boring (typical character) of the commander... what more can i say?


Penny Johnson is an excellent actress. Anyone who was a 24 fan knows that! She played a totally despicable character there, too. Since Cpt. Gates appears to be close to the same age as Montgomery, do we know she has no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding his death? And, maybe were are supposed to hate her, so when she comes around, we love her...just the way this series seems to it!


Sue Ann - thinks your right, the doc at the hospital and the guy with the files look very similar! If it's not the same man i'm very surprised! Loved the episode B & C 4ever lol :)


I loved this episode....I'm glad that the intensity of the finale carried over in this ep.
Yes we all knew that Beckett was going to live but it didn't make the opening any less powerful and you got to give credit for the writers and actors for that.
It was also nice to see that Beckett wasn't ok not just after the shooting but after her freezing's nice that the writers try us with a little respect and know we won;t accept a mentally fine Kate after a pep talk from Castle and I look foward to seeing her talk to a shrink....I think it'll be a good way for us to take a look behind the wall Kate has and we'll also hopefully see her address her feelings for Castle.
Also, I love the fact that Castle is going to continue looking into the sniper...although I do feel that he's going to get to close and something bad is going to happen to him (although I'm not sure what)....a kidnapping/beating could be a nice cliffhanger in the fall and could make Kate step up and deal with her feelings for Castle.
Now to the big talking point....the new Captain. Personally I like her, I think that it's good she's completely different to Montgomery and not happy with the Caskett...afterall he is a writer helping the police and despite his usefulness he could be a liability and so it seems obvious she would not be pleased witht he situation....he has to earn her respect and trust much like he had to do with Beckett although I suspect it will take longer.


Is the person Beckett's talking to at the end a psychologist? What exactly did she say in the end before saying she remembers everything....did she stop going to him for some time?


I've thought about all this over the past week or so, gearing up the the S4 premiere, and while it's not what I would've expected, Andrew Marlowe's 'Rise' certainly hit all the notes I was looking for. It maintained the intensity of the S3 finale and upped that's show's high stakes on a number of levels. Note 1: The 'relationship.' I thought the use of the swingsets was a great visual. These are two people who really do need and like (love) each other. Kate's emotional state was exactly right, and Castle's anger was completely understandable, picking up from their argument in 'knockout' - but their natural chemistry is as collaborators and that is what moves them along. Note 2: Castle continued to write - 'the ending was hard, considering the circumstances' - and that while Castle is a child in many ways, he' also a working professional who takes his job and his job responsibilities seriously. Note 3: The idea that Castle is now the embodiment of the Johanna Beckett murder and the attempted murder of Kate - especially now that Capt. Gates has made it clear that it will be the badge of any sworn officer who tries to work that case. That Castle was driven to solve the shooting those two months while Kate was recuperating, and Kate's growing realization of what that might mean. Note 3: That Castle is her real partner - how he helps her stare down a gun was just classic Kate/Rick stuff. On to the rest of the cast. One interesting thing that I see has been noted here: The inclusion of the newspaper account of the shooting. I don't think that was a mistake (the first thing the writer's would critique would be a time-line mistake like that)- so it can only mean that Montgomery sent it to someone else first, who added that in. I thought it would've been Castle himself, but it's clear from that mysterious phonecall that he never got it.
Finally - the 'reset' of Castle was handled deftly and realistically, when Alexis tells him not to grow up 'too much.' "It's me we're talking about," he tells us. Castle, after all, is the name of the show.


Everybody's hard on Captain Gates here. My, it's just one episode, give her a break. She's supposed to be a figure of authority, she certainly can't start by being soft and nice to everybody. Shelving Kate's case was probably a mistake, it's gonna make her impopular in the precinct (cops don't like cop killers, they make it personal whatever, and Kate is popular amongst her colleagues), but I'm sure the Iron Gates will open eventually.
Loooved the scene in the hospital, everybody shouting at everybody, waw, that was totally unexpected. And Alexis !!
As for the relationship Beckett/castle, I think this is going to be very interesting this season, because Castle is really facing a problem : if Beckett doesn't solve her mother's case, she won't be at peace and won't move on in her personal life. If she does, she's likely to be killed. So Castle will do anything to prevent her from digging. But she knows he loves her. And what she told him about not being ready yet for a serious relationship, it was clear to me that she meant a relationship with him. What will she think then, when she understands that he keeps information from her, and he keeps her away from the case, on purpose ?


We all knew that Beckett would survive, but man did they sure drag it out and make you double think that one. Then when she was awake and her and Castle visit in the hospital and she said she didn't remember anything I was screaming at the tv. Stana was amazing, I mean she always is, but when Beckett was faced with the killer with the gun, the first time without Castle, she played it perfectly you could see the fear in her eyes. I firmly agree that a lot of acting is done with the eyes and she did an amazing job. The new captin, ok yes she is doing her job but I don't like her in the fact that just because she is a woman she thinks she has to be the bitch to stay at the top and that I don't like. Yes the cop world is mostly male dominated and pigheaded but you don't need to be a bitch. Then the ending, OMG my mouth was just hanging wide open, there were no words. SHe remembered everything, OMG. Soooo cannot wait for the conversation. Looking forward to more of the sexual tension between those two.

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Castle Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going to lose her again.


I know I'm not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want until the wall comes down. I cant do that until this is put to rest.