Castle Season Premiere Review: Captain, Oh New Captain

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Welcome back TV Fanatics! Castle kicked off its fourth season with "Rise" and wasted no time making us feel the angst and anxiety we were left with from the May finale. There were confessions, arguments and new characters. Time to discuss!

Beckett is alive! Ok, this comes as a shock to nobody, but it was great seeing our favorite female detective back on her feet. Girl is doing more thank alright, too, admitting that she remembers everything from the shooting, and even more importantly, Castle’s confession!

Cop vs. Doctor

Captain “Iron” Gates is no Montgomery. Penny Johnson has joined the cast to replace Captain Montgomery.

We were warned she was going to be tough and, boy, was that the truth. I have reservations about this character, though. I don’t think she can stay on opposite ends of the team for too long, so let’s hope she ends being a Caskett shipper like the rest of us. Either way, there is no replacement for the severely missed Roy Montgomery.

More Screen Time for Bromances! There was definitely a spike in screen time for Ryan and Esposito. Let’s hope this continues throughout the season, shall we? If anyone deserves it, it is these two. Plus, how can you not love the bromance between these two and Castle? Anyone else love when Ryan mentioned that Castle would have loved the case?

Return of Beckett

The Real Case: After the finale, I could not figure out how they could make Beckett’s mother's case any better. For me, there was no getting better than finding out about Montgomery’s involvement. Here is hoping that season four provides the same twists that keep this case the backbone of the series.

Side Notes…

  • Castle and Beckett’s exchanges in the hospital = pure chemistry.
  • She broke up with Josh!!
  • Beckett remembers everything. Who is with me in saying that I cannot wait for the conversation between her and Castle about those three little words?
  • Who is the man that Montgomery sent the files to and called Castle?
Castle in the Hospital

Things I Am Hoping for This Season:

  • The return of 3XK.
  • Castle having a romance with anyone besides his ex-wife.
  • Alexis having a significant role... or no role at all.
  • A Lanie/Esposito engagement
  • So. we are going to try something new this season. Each week, I will pick the best quote and the character who stole a scene from the episode. Join me in the comments and let the rest of us TV Fanatics who you think is the Quote King/Queen and Scene Stealer.

Best Quote:

Castle: “You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, you know that? Do you know what that’s like? To watch the life drain out of someone you care about?

Scene Stealer:

Kate Beckett: Freezing up while facing off with this week’s killer. Stana Katic played this flawlessly.

Ryan and Esposito

Season premiere down... only new episodes to go! Sound off and let us know what you thought of the first episode of season four, starting with this question Anyone else instantly hate Gates?


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You know, I don't hate Gates. And no one should really HATE her. The woman's doing her job, and she's following the rules. You can't really blame her. She supports Beckett's team as long as they aren't doing anything against the regulations. She doesn't have a personal relationship with the team like Montgomery did, so I think it would be unfair for us to expect her to break the rules on behalf of a team she doesn't even know. As for the episode... I really liked it. I have heard someone say that they weren't happy with the writing and that everyone was too open and "out of character", but what did they expect? Beckett had just been shot, and nearly died. Of course people weren't just gonna act like nothing happened. Besides, I didn't really find what anyone said "out of character". They had all been through something huge, something that brought them closer and that helped them to realize that this case (Beckett's mom's) is not just "okay, go in there, take down the bad guys and get out again". It's much, MUCH more complicated than that and they were given a bit of a wake up call with Montgomery's death and then Beckett being shot. They realized that they could actually lose members of their team, and that no one was safe anymore. The acting from everyone was great, especially Stana's. It broke my heart hearing Beckett in tears, telling Castle that everyone was gone. A lot of people think that all the drama with Beckett getting upset and freezing up when she faced another gun was just to make the episode to live up to the hype surrounding it. But it wasn't. Having Beckett like that was what should have been expected. It was her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) kicking in. The girl just got shot! She couldn't just walk back into the field like nothing happened. And people who are sick of Castle and Beckett not getting together yet, suck it up and stop watching the show now since you obviously have no patience. They are moving forward in their relationship at a slow, but steady pace. It's not like they're not going anywhere. They both finally figured out how they feel about each other. If you expect them to just throw themselves at each other, THAT would be out of character. Beckett obviously has some major issues that she has to deal with and she's pretty much told Castle that until she deals with them, she can't be in a proper relationship. Completely understandable. I don't understand how people could still have problems. It makes me very upset to read people claiming to be fans of the show go around saying that it was a big disappointment. People want the fun, light aspect of the show back? Marlowe has already promised it would come. So be patient. When someone dies and another person gets shot, you can't expect everyone to be hoppin' around all cheerful. But, whatever. Some people are just never grateful and have to complain about everything. AAAAAAnyway, awesome episode. Awesome acting. If you didn't like it, this is obviously not the show for you and you should go watch Twilight or something...


The captain is such a cliche that she may not grow or change. She's being played as not only unlikable and politically manipulative, but rather incompetent with regard to whether or not a suspect is innocent or not. How did this character ever get promoted?


Well, it seems to me, from reading the postings, that the standout character is the new Captain. Everyone hates her, obviously the sign of great acting! Keep it up.
Agreeing with others, a great episode. A little fast from near death to recovery, but the scene needed to move on. I did like Alexis' defense of her dad against Josh. I would like to see development of some tension between Beckett and Alexis. Beckett could use an understanding of the effect of her 'relationship' with Castle. I think that Alexis could just be the one to deliver it the best.
I'm glad that they are back and cannot wait until next week.


I, like others, was bothered by the fact the newspaper articles were included in the package which was mailed prior to Beckett's shooting. After rewatching this episode again (it's even better the second time) if you look closely at the scene of Mr. Smith & Monty's mystery files you see a newspaper on his desk with the headline of Beckett's shooting before he opens the contents of the package. Then after he begins sifting through the enclosures, you see the newspaper on top of the contents before he places the call to the congressional offices on his hidden cell phone. The only "flub" is as the scene is cutting, the newspaper is shown only as a clipping of the headline instead of an entire paper as in the previous two shots of it. I know the latter scene of Mr. Smith speaking with Castle has a few more clippings, which could presumably be information Mr. Smith has been gathering on the situation. However it was the initial package opening which had me a bit confused so I thought I'd give my take on this perplexing situation.

Sommerleigh pollonais

Loved the premiere. We all knew they weren't going to address those 3 little words directly, but I kinda knew Beckett was lying when she said she couldn't remember. She freely admitted in this ep, that she was not ready for a real relationship and Castle being the chivalous guy he is, is willling to wait.
What I'm looking forward to this season:
More Lanie/Esposito
More Castle/Beckett moments as only these two can pull off
Development of Alexis/Beckett. These two were very good friends, but now Alexis looks at Beckett as the one putting her Dad in danger so we will see how that plays out.
What new twist they can come up with, in Beckett's Mom murder (Also, her reaction to Castle hiding this new info/lead from her)


The package sent to the mystery man from Montgomery has a newpaper article of Beckett being shot--huh? Montgomery was dead and the package sent before Beckett was shot. So how did the newspaper clip get into the package??? Or is this just a slip on the writer's part?


watching castle right now and i'm hating the new captain!


I didn't expect Alexis to go at Josh like that! Go Alexis!

Sue ann

So, what we have is the same as what we had last year, except now we have a Captain who is hostile rather than sweet, argumentative rather than supportive, and nowhere near so cute as last year. Ryan has the same fiance. Esposito has the same Lainey. Beckett is still holding Castle off at arm's length. Castle's mother and daughter both still think he is an idiot who must be monitored and controlled. (aka an American male on certain types of American comedies.) Somewhere last season I read an interview summary from the creator of this show. He said that they have no intention of having Castle and Beckett get together before the middle of the fifth season. While I have this nasty feeling that I could die waiting, I can see the point. What I really admire is the logical progression in the way that they put this off for the time being. Last season, Castle went to Beckett at the urging of the Captain and of her father, and asked her to stop looking for her mother's killer. When Beckett verbally backed him into a corner, he told her that she had buried herself in her mother's murder, and that she was spending herself on relationships with men she did not love, when she could have more. Then he told her he loved her, as she lay bleeding out at the funeral. After the three month's absence from Castle's company, she denied having heard Castle's declaration of love. She then explained herself almost literally word-for-word using Castle's own arguments, about wasting herself in relationships with men that she did not love. She went on to explain that she did not feel that she could have a complete relationship while the mystery of her mother's death was hanging over her. This makes perfect sense then when she tells her therapist that she remembers everything, which would include Castle's confession of love. She has given him an excellent reason why she dropped Josh, and it is also an excellent explanation for why she would not be interested in anything with him at this time, although not overtly stated. This is a simple and elegant solution to the problem they set up in the last minutes of the season-ender last spring. Very nicely done. Castle has always proven himself to be a gentleman, and she is depending upon him to continue that. I did really like the way Martha and Alexis flew at Josh in the hospital corridor, fingernails at the ready, had he continued to hit Castle. It was touching. The question of who the man is to whom Roy sent the paperwork is a twister, for sure. The actor is someone who rings my as****e bell every time I see him, based upon his work in Dexter currently as a really nasty political police captain, previously as Jimmy, Grace's wife-beating ex-husband on Grace Under Fire, and lately as another controlling jerk on The Mentalist. I have never seen Geoff Pierson play a nice human being. However, Roy probably would not have sent the documents to a nice human being. If he wanted to do that, he had Castle to hand. I do not have Tivo, and I did not record this program for later playback, so I cannot prove it, but perhaps others can check. It looked very much to me as though Geoff Pierson walked fast, left screen to right screen, past Kate's hospital door, when there was a scrum of folks at the door and a conversation going on. He was dressed as a doctor, with a stethoscope around his neck. It sure looked like him to me. If it was the same actor, then either his character on this show is a doctor, or there is something seriously twisted going on with him. If it was not this actor, then, in the famous words of Emily Litella, "Never mind." I don't appreciate waiting so many months for the resolution to a situation such as they set up here, but high points to this show -- it is the ONLY show whose future I considered over the summer. I still say Bones could take a lesson; indeed, the writers of Bones should take the entire course in good writing as illustrated in the progression of the story lines of Castle. Like one of the other posters here, I am ready for some nice weird murders with some strange corpses. I'm glad Castle is back.


Srry I meant I don't like that he is investigating without her

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Castle Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going to lose her again.


I know I'm not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want until the wall comes down. I cant do that until this is put to rest.