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Community started off the semester with a solid premiere. While "Biology 101" didn't induce any real belly laughs, the addition of two new guest stars more than made up for it. Hello John Goodman and Michael Kenneth Williams!

After kicking off with a Jeff Winger song and dance hallucination, we went back to the old "is Pierce in the group or not" debate. Doesn't Jeff realize that he can't control everything? No, and he likely never will.

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As we've seen in the past, Jeff goes a little crazy whenever he loses his power. See the above photo for the latest example. As Shirley noted, Jeff attacked a table with a fire axe and was still only the second craziest person in the room.

Alas, we discovered that Jeff didn't really get kicked out of Biology because of his cellphone, although frankly, that would piss me off quite a bit if I were a professor. Jeff was kicked out because Pierce bribed the teacher.

Or so he had the group convinced...

Jeff knows that the professor dude from The Wire would never take a bribe and Pierce made this up so he would be the resident bad guy again. Well played Mr. Hawthorne, well played.

Besides, I think Pierce relishes the role of the bad boy. If Jeff didn't get back into the group he was going to go crazier than Abed did when he found out Cougar Town only got a mid-season pick up. Nobody wants that!

Once again, Chang was cast aside as the loner, longing to be a part of the study group. But the crew had better watch out now that Senor Chang has been given a new title: Security Guard Chang. I guess Dean Pelton sort of owed him after he monkey gassed him out of the air vents.

Then again, you're asking for trouble if you're living in the air vents of your school. By the way, how on earth did Jeff Winger fit inside of there when he chased Chang? He is one tall drink of water.

So what did we learn in Biology 101: The Study of Life? Well, Britta decided she wants to major in psychology, Troy and Abed have taken their relationship to the next level as roommates, Dean Pelton got OWNED by the Vice Dean (John Goodman), and apparently Greendale gets most of it's money from the annex school of Air Conditioning Repairs.

Here's to a good school year. Oh, and please, no more musical numbers unless Shirley and Dean Pelton will be wearing matching sparkly outfits.


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With the exception of the musical number, it actually felt like the SECOND ep of the season. The first should be an attention grabber, the second, in my view, should be the one to introduce new allies and enemies.
I agree it wasn't very funny. It had most of the characters sidelined, and yet another ho hum Winger save the day speech. It wasn't the worst ever...but it was a slow start to my fave comedy. And enough with the Cougar Town stuff. We get it, we get it.


dont really see the need for john goodmans character since theres already so many. pelton is good enough. but we'll see if its worth it. good start. could have been better after that hilarious glee intro. 3.5/5


I'm so happy to have new episodes of this show back. From the opening musical act to Jeff's breakdown to Shirley's comment about him only being the second-craziest person in the room to the group's reaction to Britta deciding to be a psychologist to "Cougarton Abbey" and "Inspector Spacetime" (and Abed's reactions to them), "Community" is one of the best - if not the best - comedy on television.


A good start...


Chang in the air vents. lol moment.

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Don't tell the monkey I'm living in here.


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