Criminal Minds Planning "Personal" J.J. Storyline

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Once Prentiss comes back from the dead, Criminal Minds will devote more of its seventh season to exploring the team's personal lives. That means Reid's family, Rossi's ex and the return of William LaMontagne, Jr.

The New Orleans detective fans met in Season 2, and in Season 4 when he was revealed to be the father of J.J.’s baby, will appear again this season, with Josh Stewart (Third Watch) reprising the role.

Fun fact: J.J.'s son will appear as well - played by A.J. Cook's actual son.

A.J. Cook is Back!

“We’re going to see her baby’s daddy and her baby again, which my actual real-life son will be playing,” said Cook. “It’ll be fun. We’re definitely going to see into her personal life and what’s been happening there.”

Executive producer Erica Messer told TV Line this week that while the show always studies killers, "I want to study our heroes, too. This season, we’ve earned that. It’s seven years, so I think it’s time we get to do that.”

The show returns Wednesday, September 21. Check out TVF's Criminal Minds spoilers section for more on the new season, including 10 things to watch for in the much-anticipated seventh campaign.

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love will and hotch


Jennifer's "JJ" Personal Story Line


When JJ and Emily had a talk about Will on the season premiere, JJ sounded like things are not pleasant, and told Emily she's glad she's back and found support in Emily. Not that I care, since I'm no fan of Will.


I sure hope that Will and JJ's relationship will stay the same, I don't want there be some dramatic break-up, I mean, can't there just be one relationship that works? JJ and Will are beautiful and Will was able to give up everything for her, that has to mean something more! Keep Will and JJ together!!


can't wait to see Will!


Yeah !!! We'll get to see Josh Stewart again and not to mention that I love JJ and William's love story :)


Joy.I'm not a JJ fan at all but the promise of further development for a character that lacked it and so desperately needs it is promising. I'm n general looking forward to the whole delving into their personal lves as long as characters like Rossi, Morgan, and Garcia don't get shafted as they usually do when anything personal comes up. I like Hotch and I love Reid but they can do without as much development.I just hope they dont detract from the show and it's other great characters by focusing too much on fan favorites and on JJ and Prentiss out of some desperate need to make up to the audience. And I'll miss Rachel. Her character was thrown into the mix and recieved unnecessary fan-hate and then they didnt bother to fully and adequately develop her character to it's full potential. She could have stuck around, but heaven forbid they have as many women as men on the team.


You know im going to miss Rachael Nichols she bring a lot to the table a lot more then Rossia


Am glad the fired Rachael Nichols the bring nothing to the table like the other person I stop watching the show when that happen and bring the other person how is a clown in CM’S but now that a herd this I’LL be watching it tomorrow . And the bring back the hart of the show A J COOK the one that keeps the boys ground them and glad the bring back Brewster too they show never ever let go from the CM’S in the first place not even in the last play on earth to do this P.S : THEY CAN TREAT WELL A PERSON THAT FANS OF AJ COOK , BREWSTER AND CM’S THAT NEVER EVER WILL LIKE AND WARM UP TO HER AND TREAT BAD TO CHARACTERS THAT HAS BEEN THERE SENSE DAY 1 NO I DON’T THINK SO AM GLAD THE FIRED HERE .


Agreed. While many law enforcement people do have a tough time with keeping relationships going, drug issues, and depression, there are MANY couples who actually do well. Seeing JJ and hubby doing well would feel 'right'....

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