Criminal Minds Spoilers: 10 Things to Watch in Season 7

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Criminal Minds returns September 21 with the roster fans wanted intact all of last season.

The popular crime drama sparked outcry when it let A.J. Cook go early last season, then really Paget Brewster's character as well by writing her off in an open-ended, faked-death storyline.

That was then and this is now, though. Cook and Brewster are back in the fold at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), with plenty of surprises in store for us in the coming Season Seven.

Here are 10 things to watch for, courtesy of show-runner Erica Messer and TV Guide:

Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds
  1. Prentiss' BAU resurrection will be "a pivotal part" of the changes coming this season, and will not be glossed over. "This event has changed all of our characters' lives," and we'll see how.
  2. Ian Doyle will be back, briefly: "We see a wee bit of Ian Doyle [in Season 7]."
  3. In Season 7, CM will "explore our heroes a little bit more" than the bad guys.
  4. Morgan tracks down Prentiss' killer. "Morgan made it his life journey to get redemption for his friend," Shemar Moore said. "No matter what, he wasn't going to let [Doyle] be out there in the world."
  5. Morgan and Hotch's relationship will be strained. Thomas Gibson: "I think the theme of broken trust within a family will have a chance to play in various ways and various times this season."
  6. Hotch, at one point, will be seen out of the country, bearded, in Pakistan.
  7. J.J. has been promoted to a profiler, and has been back 3.5 months!
  8. Garcia will now "introduce" the cases.
  9. Reid will have family problems.
  10. Rossi's first ex-wife could "linger."

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i really hope Hotch and prentiss DON'T become a couple


i think the spark is back this season with the series. i wouold like to see hotch and emily end up together, after the 100th show, you could the a spark starting between them and it was left hanging. come on cbs, put them together!


Now that I've watched all season 7 ep's todate, it's good to see some equalibrium coming back to the team. I frankly found the 1st ep just too "weird", scattered and way too much happening at once. Because I am a consistent fan having seen all episodes several times (have all the CD's to end of year 6)it is important that the stories be true to the CM history. Hotch needs to stay the strong leader, Reid the brilliant intellect, Morgan the action man, Garcia the spunky caring bright light, Rossi the stabilizer, and JJ and Prentiss smart strong women profilers. That does not mean that some life changes can't be happening with the characters, but these changes need to stay in context and be explained as they happen. Anything less would be disappointing. Please let it remain believable, we love them all.


"Valhalla"- Ian Doyle and Lauren Reynolds real name Emily Prentiss, Interpol who now works at the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), which is part of the FBI Agent that lives in Quantico, Virgina at the time of the Photo was taken. this photo was taken in the episode of Valhalla.


I really hope there will be more going on with Hotch and Prentiss. I wanna see more of them in this season. I'll be crossing my fingers! I hope they eventually will get together! :)


I can see the relationship between Morgan and Hotch, since they have known each other for a long time and had grown trustful of each other. But I would expect Morgan to be distrustful of Prentiss for awhile as well since she technically lied to him also by supposedly dying on him. Reid will definitely take it the hardest because of the past issues with his father, Gideon, Elle, and other people leaving him. His mother because of her illness. But he knows he can fall back on Morgan, since both feel the same way toward Prentiss and Hotch, and possibly JJ as well. I would like to see more interaction between them though. It's been lacking in the last few seasons, at least since season 3. Season 6 was good with them actually bonding again. Rossi is probably indifferent about the whole thing, and Garcia is still happy as a clam. I can't see her hating or disliking anyone for what they did. She'd be the most forgiving probably.


These spoilers could turn the show into something even more fantastic or break it. I would really like to see the reactions to Prentiss returning. I am seriously not happy with how things went down concerning her. Her return could break the whole team. How are they supposed to trust her after that? I would really love to see a romance, a lasting roamnce, between Derek and Penelope. Enough with the flritations. It's still sweet, but after seven years, it's getting a little annoying that they're all talk and no action. Geesh. The problems with Reid need to be resolved. Leave Wonder Boy alone! He's put up with enough crap in the series. No one better leave this season. And the family needs to be healed. Please, no more strained relationships.


Really, in such perversion why can't the BAU have a happy family. The interaction in which they together solve the depraved crimes is what makes this show so bearable! I was actually hoping they would bring into the show the leader from the other BAU team.


I had read before that Reid would be taking the deception (Hotch, JJ, Emily faking Prentiss' death) the hardest. Now all I hear about is Morgan having a strained relationship with Hotch. What happened to Reid's reaction? I would think he would not only be upset with Hotch but also with JJ and Emily. If he is taking the lies the hardest, why no more spoilers about this? The family problems issue for Reid, is that supposed to be his great storyline arc we've been hearing about? I thought the writer's were finally going to address his headaches from last season. I hope Reid's storyline does not turn out to be all about his mother instead. That would be a HUGE LETDOWN for me. I was really looking forward to season 7 for all of the good Reid stuff and now I'm wondering if it was all talk!


I was not happy over how quickly Hotch got over Haily death so I hope they spread these out

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