Delena Debate: What Should the Future Hold for Damon and Elena?

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In a recent interview with TV Guide, Ian Somerhalder was asked about one of the most pressing questions on The Vampire Diaries: Will Damon and Elena ever hook up?

The actor's answer might surprise loyal Team Delena members:

"She wants a life of peace with no death and he's [into] destructive killing," Ian said. "It's like trying to watch a lion and a gazelle be friends, it's just not meant to be. They're just two different animals."

Does this mean it never will be? No, we're just reading one star's opinion.

But do you agree with it? Is Elena meant for Stefan or Damon? Check out the promo above for tonight's new episode ("The Hybrid") and then weigh in: Do you wanna see Delena come to fruition on season three?

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In my opinion she's loves with both but I think Damon and Elena need eachother ...Stephan personality was the way it is before he met Elena .. He was happier but wasn't a overall different person...Stephan pretty much stalked her to make sure she wasn't Katrina, and then feel for her before they even met, then the love between them happened too quickly for me.. It was like hi .. Hi omg we love eachother! I feel like Damon and Elena grew to love eachother.. Damon bring out things in Elena that I feel her character needs and of course Elena brings the good out of Damon. Stephan is always everyones first choice and everyones favorite in the series his father, Katrina and elnas. I feel for damons character the most because of how he was turned how he truly loved Katrina and his brother. Stephan is a character u can't help but love but Damon wins it for me!!!!


@Erika WORD! : )


ITALY-noi fans italiani siamo SUPER INNMORATI della coppia DAMON ELENA,aspettiamo con ansia e gioia di vederli finalmente insieme,sono loro il cuore, la passione di the vampire diaries,spero che i produttori lo abbiano capito,tutti sogniamo di vederli dispiace per stefan,damon e elena si sentono in colpa,ma si sta insieme per amore non per pena.noi fans siamo e saremo sempre DELENA.DELENA FOREVER,kiss dall'ITALIA.


Delena will happen it will not be any time soon tho. Once she becomes a vampire she will remember that night he compelled her to forget. More proof that he is not going after her.....endgame. Joey chose Pacey and it was called Dawsons creek. The unlucky in live brother gets the girl in the end. Epic. Delena. Endgame. Word.


I will hope till the end for Delena... One thought: Pacey and Joey...


The best part of Vampire Diaries is that it invests you into the storyline. It focuses on character development and Sls rather than ships.. which is why it has become a cut above shows like GG. I dont want to turn TVD into a shipping show so I am okay with Elena ending up with Stefan or Damon as long as I get good sls. However I do not see Delena happening for a while because Elena is just too goddamn hung up on Stefan and also because I think the charm of Delena is the unrecipocrated bit from Damon. She is the source of humanity in his destructive world but once Delena becomes a couple- what happens? Does Damon change and Delena becomes Stelena part 2? Or do we see damon ripping people's hearts out again..


I'm not into the shipping thing. I love the entire show. As for Damon and Elena me and my friends love them. Just not together. Damon is way hotter when he is being a player. He is so freakin sexy when he's flirting and sleeping with different women. We loved season 1 because he was well really sexy flirting, sleeping, torturing etc. Now he is kind of boring being Elenas babysitter and acting all whipped by her. Whether Elena chooses anyone we just hope it's not our Damon. Bring back our real Damon.


I agree with most of the comments about delena. It will happen, its in the books they fall in love because she doesn't stay human. I have no "ship" persay BUT it will be a SLOW progression for them. Its true that with these types of shows the original couple isn't endgame. Certainly Delena is even more compelling on our screen then on paper and vice versa in the books. I do know one thing, Stelena will not be endgame as a couple. Its just to boring and Williamson LOVES to ruin the original pairings. Elena is already somewhat torn and she's still an immature teen human. Elena told stefan on that mountain that she loves him (not IN love) BUT didn't know what the future held. The future will chang everything and that's why they have an entire show. Delena is most certainly more popular and it will happen
Do I know if they will be endgame? I don't but I suspect as much and I know stelena wont. Just being honest, and the girls right....Stelena fans are coming across as extremely young and over confident. For that I say read the books.


"am in luv with a woman i can never have"said damon in 213,he can never have elena no matter wat,"u and katherine had alot more in common than just ur look"said damon in 302,elena is just like katherine nw since she luv both of them,she lied that it'l always be stef and its nt,she said she wouldn't kiss damon and she did,she's betrayed stefan's luv for her,i knw damon luvs elena but one thing both stelena and delena should get is that damon deserves his own luv interest,a true luv coz definately if stefan is back elena wil go back to him.



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