Eriq La Salle Returns to Fake Medicine

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Eriq La Salle is returning to the world of pretend medicine.

The actor, who starred on ER as Dr. Peter Benton for most of that show's highly-rated run, will recur on A Gifted Man as Evan Morrison, a neuropsychiatrist who The Hollywood Reporter describes as a "great medical detective who focuses on the nuances of human behavior.

La Salle will appear in at least four episodes of the drama.

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A Gifted Man premieres on CBS on September 23 and stars Patrick Wilson as a doctor who interacts with his late wife. Watch the promo NOW.


I agree with the comments here. This show is intriguing. It's beautifully filmed and the stories are interesting. It's so unlike anything else on TV.


more news and reviews please! It is a great show, the actors are very good and their love story is sweet and poignant.


don't get why nobody is reviewing this show, i have watched all the eps that came out so far and it's really a great show, loved Patrick Wilson ever since i saw him in Phantom of the Opera, great actor! great show!


I love this show and am disappointed at the conclusion of each episode that it doesn't continue on .. and on. I am so afraid that CBS will do with this one like MOONLIGHT. It one of the best medical shows I have seen. She variety with the high-priced doctor being caught between two worlds.


loved the pilot is anyone going to review?


saw the premier and think that it was great. dynamic, sweet and suspenseful. all the actors do such a great job and i absolutely love the leads. love Jennifer Ehle from Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) and Patrick Wilson from Phantom of the Opera.
the show is a little reminiscent of Eli Stone not too much plus the actors are charismatic enough t hold your attention. plus the love story is so sweet and gentle, it's lovely.

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