Glee Season Premiere Preview: General Schuester vs. Congresswoman Sue

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General Schuester is about to report for duty.

On the September 20 premiere of Glee, Sue will announce her candidacy for congress, along with one of her main campaign pledges: "I will suspend all public school art programs."

How will Will respond to this news? With vengeance. How will Emma respond to Will's assertive attitude? With arousal. Seriously, she hilariously say so herself in the following new promo for season three:

The Glee season premiere will be titled "The Purple Piano Project" and we invite fans behind the scenes of it in this video.

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@Naya Yeah I know, quite depressing really, RM has threatened he will NEVER leave which means I will if other cast members go but he stays (could Sean not come in as a rival coach or something though, he's bessie mates with Kristin Chenoweth I'm sure she could put a word in ;) ? If people saw how great he was, providing the writing was good, I'm sure he'd sway a lot of people to preferring him over Will). I don't see it looking like Will is returning to season 1 form though (wish he would), from the previews he appears equally as annoying as last season.


It looks like Schue is going to be back to the wonderful character from Season 1 after his near assassination by the writers last season. I am thrilled to see Emma and Will together.
Sean Hayes is great but MM isn't going anywhere.


Finchel! Need more Finchel! They are my favorite couple!! Can't wait for Glee to return!!


Lordy I'm going to continue to loathe Schue this season.
He's become so sanctimonious, judgemental, saccharine, hypocritical and dull.
Restarting this whole 'Wemma' thing is simply too little too late. It was interesting the first season but as soon as season 2 started I was over it. I'd like to see Matthew Morrison replaced by Sean Hayes as the new NDs coach, he'd be so awesome (so much more talented and much edgier comedy-wise). He's such a talented pianist he could do a bit of that on the show too (as well as singing, dancing and being a wonderful actor). Schue needs to go!


Katy, its like soccer or games like that... the teams who face off in the finals dont face each other in the semi finals, its the same way with these, 3 teams in a regional, and only one time from every regional goes to the nationals or sectionals or hatever

Katy naggs

So i have a question for Glee:
Dont get me wrong I luv the show.. but what the hell happened with the rules of the show choir comp's...
In season 1 (THE BACK HALF) Jesse was bragging that Vocal Adrenaline were the national champs.. but they still competed in regionals...
Season 2, regionals No Vocal Adrenaline!!!!! They appeared at Nationals... (was there a secret competion) What the hell was that all about???? did they change the rules and not anouce it... Finchel Rule!!!!

Gaby ee

Hopefully Mr. Shue will be more like in season 1. He was amazing back then!


Was is Kurt in a cheer-leading uniform when Blaine was singing? (on Blaine's right)???????


They need to kick Schuester up a notch this season. Else, he got boring.


for a person who had no interest at all I tuned in during the summer for the fist 2 seasons and they were pretty good, defenitley tunning in for season 3

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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