Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Beauty and the Feast"

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Gossip Girl producers Joshua Safran and Sara Goodman preview the many story lines playing out on next Monday's all new episode of the CW series in their weekly sitdown, with short clips interspersed.

There's no question about the fact that Blair's pregnant now, and the cat is officially out of the bag with Dorota, who is also with child. Elsewhere on the Blair front, Louis' sister comes to town.

Serena, meanwhile, announces that she will be staying in L.A., with throws Ivy for a loop, since she's now been thrust into playing Charlie all over again. And then there's poor Nate. Getting played.

Check out their official preview with some new footage below:

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I think that Chuck and Blair have gone throught a lot.....this is a chance for Chuck to finally have a real family something he has never had.....I hope she has twins and boy and a girl....THE END.


I understand that nowadays there are methods to do the paternity test before the birth, but it would be best to ask a doctor.


That's strange because you can't do a paternity test until the baby is born, right?
So it's back to season 1 with Blair trying to figure out who the baby's father is (except back then she wasn't really pregnant...)


Why are they sooo excited about Elizabeth Hurley and Nate??? This episode looks just like Josh : Sh*t


I don't know why Sara Goodman's smiling so much, when the episode is looking a lot like a dud. but, let me give her the benefit of the doubt and say it won't suck too much


I don't know if I mentioned this before in this article and I'm on my cell so I can't watch the second page of comments but just in case and to keep everybody informed the producers told E! and TV line that the paternity was between Chuck and Louis and it would be known who the father was before the first half of the season ends. Just saying.


Blair and Chuck have gone on for 4 seasons and its too much. Its just not interesting anymore.
I think the new Dan/Blair situation is so exciting, like falling in love all over again and its beautiful!
Obviously people have the right to ship whomever they like and have their own opinion about it but I honestly find it so hard to understand the need for more Chair- we've seen it all with those two.
I have a theory that Blair is pregnant with Chuck's baby and that will be the reason for the royal split and then Chuck will prove to Blair that he has matured and is ready for her and a kid and possibly with Dan's encouragement, Chair will reunite, Blair will then have a miscarriage and eventually, probably at the very end , realise that she is with Chuck but it doesn't feel right anymore and end up with Dan.
It is just my wishful thinking but frankly it makes so much sense.
I really do think that Chuck and Blair have outgrown each other but will need one last hurrah to become fully aware of that.
Here's hoping.


I guess it will be dans baby because its obvious if its chucks baby! Chair is the best but i like dan and blair together now after the whole drama of chuck, he dnt deserve her!


Some of yesterday's last posts prove my point that these producers previews don't help anybody. Seriously, if you are going to be psychos about the show and post every 5 minutes could you at least put some effort in the spelling?


louis and blair are boring. i hate to watch it. season started dull ! blair pregnant ? wtf ? who wants eeven to see it ! it spoiled everything. i want to see old bitchy blair and with chuck happily ever after. not some tacky royal wedding. SERIOUSLY ?! get rid of pregnancy and fix it ! its not for you to wonder why... its for you to do or die ! Blair must be with chuck - end of ! no louis ! no pregnancy !

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