Gossip Girl Season Premiere Pics: An L.A. Story

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Being in California allowed Serena to discover a new sense of purpose. When Gossip Girl's fifth season commences, we'll learn exactly what the Upper East Side socialite has been up to on the West Coast.

So will Chuck and Nate, who stop by to see their old friend after their hedonistic adventures!

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Blair returns home from her own summer holiday, only to learn that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain. And then there's Charlie. Sketchy, possibly crazy Charlie.

The CW just released pictures from the first two episodes of the fall. Click to enlarge below!

Photos from the September 26 season premiere, "Yes, Then Zero" ...

Cheers to a New Season!
Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl
UES Meets LA
Dair Picture
Chuck Rolls Up
Best Buds Forever
Fancy Running Into You Here
Out in L.A.
Nate and Diana
Nathaniel in L.A.
Future Princess of Monaco

And a few from the October 3 episode, "Beauty and the Feast" ...

Rhodes Cousins
Charlie or Ivy
Kaylee DeFer on Gossip Girl
Miss Serena

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Alex, have you seen The Wire? I've just made it past season 3 of the show, and I have to say that the show has maybe not cagnhed my life but certainly cagnhed the way I see institutions and politics. The show is mostly about institutions, and how for the individuals within these institutions, change is possible, but for the institutions themselves, change is never effected, nor desired. Change is possible on an individual level, but never on an institutional level.When I first saw the show, I saw parallels to what I was experiencing in academia. And then I realised that everybody experiences the sort of things depicted on The Wire.It's not just me, and it's not just my career. It's a bitter, bitter reality.


@ Uncle Jackass: lol

Gaby ee

The photos look great! I'm so excited for next season, and so glad the wait is almost over.


Ha! Turns out none of us are teenagers!
We are all adult women who are ship nutters...
Thats good (and weird) to know :)

Uncle jackass

Re-worded "Kids of all ages" like Gossip Girl


I'm 29, another friend of mine that likes CB has 29 (this friends worships the ground that Penn Badgley steps on, btw, she finds him that hot), another of our friends has 21, a former boss was 35+ and she liked CB this was during season 2, here in the CB forum are indeed teenagers from 14 years old onwards but there are also married ladies in their 30 somethings, we are taling of people from all over the world, from Australia to India going through great part of Europe all the way to the USA.


I'm 24 and I like Chair...


OMG Nate you sexy thang. Love that boy. Oh and Chuck has me drooling too. The only thing I hate is the lack of CB. Oh well. I hope this means the second half will focus more on them.


Love the LA pics of Chuck, Nate, Serena. Chuck is looking mighty fine and Nate as always is gorgeous. I wished there were some Chuck and Blair though because otherwise I'm just not that interested in watching.


The La shoot looks fun but it's not enough to draw me back to the show. Chuck and Blair's story is what I like to watch on this show and Blair not being there with them is not my idea of a good show. I wish Gossip Girl would get back to how it used to be.

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