Gossip Girl Season Premiere Pics: An L.A. Story

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Being in California allowed Serena to discover a new sense of purpose. When Gossip Girl's fifth season commences, we'll learn exactly what the Upper East Side socialite has been up to on the West Coast.

So will Chuck and Nate, who stop by to see their old friend after their hedonistic adventures!

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Blair returns home from her own summer holiday, only to learn that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain. And then there's Charlie. Sketchy, possibly crazy Charlie.

The CW just released pictures from the first two episodes of the fall. Click to enlarge below!

Photos from the September 26 season premiere, "Yes, Then Zero" ...

Cheers to a New Season!
Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl
UES Meets LA
Dair Picture
Chuck Rolls Up
Best Buds Forever
Fancy Running Into You Here
Out in L.A.
Nate and Diana
Nathaniel in L.A.
Future Princess of Monaco

And a few from the October 3 episode, "Beauty and the Feast" ...

Rhodes Cousins
Charlie or Ivy
Kaylee DeFer on Gossip Girl
Miss Serena

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I wasn't expecting CB pictures since Chuck is in LA and Blair is in NY when GG comes back but it still saddens me. Anyway, the LA pictures look amazing and Chuck looks particularly sexy in that leather jacket. Can't wait to see him riding that motorbike!


Yeah, it's a little bit of a bummer that there's no CB in these pics, but hopefully they'll be interacting again in just a few episodes. And the LA stuff looks awesome- how hot is Chuck in that jacket?! Loved Nate in the promo too, he's such an adorable little manwhore :)


I am super super super excited about CNS in LA, and not so much about anything else, lol. Unless it turns out Blair is indeed pregnant with Chuck's baby, because then I'll be thrilled!


Chuck/Nate/Serena in Los Angeles gives the show fun in the sun, with without Chuck and Blair or Serena and Blair interacting, it's basically 90210 with better clothes. Blair seems sad to be stuck in NYC with dullsville Dan and lame Louis. Think she'd rather be in L.A with the people she actually loves!


A brilliant reviewer from a prolific magazine just wrote this:
"Could Dair's unlikely, screwball comedy-esque near-relationship continue into the show's fifth season??Dair fans everywhere are holding their breath.(All ten of them). Could you link this site here? I would like to read it because I agree!. this show needs Chuck and Blair ,otherwise it's just not worth turning my tv on.


Does anyone else think that picture of Chuck, Nate and Serena look wrong? Blair needs to be there. NJBC FTW dammit WTF with Ivy and Serena matching? Are they GG's new true love pairing?


I think the problem with Gossip Girl is it lost it's heart. Blair and Serena and Chuck and Blair has always been what makes this show feel like Gossip Girl. Now I don't even get the show anymore because the writers don't get their own characters anymore. I'm not a teenage girl and like Chuck and Blair. Go figure.

Uncle jackass

Re: @Amandine, In response to this: A brilliant reviewer from a prolific magazine just wrote this:
"Could Dair's unlikely, screwball comedy-esque near-relationship continue into the show's fifth season??
Dair fans everywhere are holding their breath.(All ten of them).
I find it a compliment that they think we Dair fans even consist of 10 people. We're more like white noise in a swarm of Chair fans (mostly teenage girls).


I wanted to see Blair and Chuck in the promo and the pics :(


Oh Chuck and Nate look soooo hot. Nate should always wear sunglasses and Chuck should always wear a leather jacket. Oh man this wedding crap is going to be the death of me. Good god. Please bring back Chair writers. Redeem Chuck and reunite him with Blair. Stop dragging out the inevitable. And lord almighty cut that DB crap short. Don't ruin a cute friendship with a forced romance that will only make me hate Dan more than I already do. Oh and here's a newsflash: Making Chuck look bad doesn't make boring, judgy, vanilla Dan Humpty look good. It just makes Chuck look bad. The only thing I like about Dan now is that he's been a friend to Blair. Stop pushing it.

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