Gossip Girl Season Premiere Pics: An L.A. Story

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Being in California allowed Serena to discover a new sense of purpose. When Gossip Girl's fifth season commences, we'll learn exactly what the Upper East Side socialite has been up to on the West Coast.

So will Chuck and Nate, who stop by to see their old friend after their hedonistic adventures!

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Blair returns home from her own summer holiday, only to learn that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain. And then there's Charlie. Sketchy, possibly crazy Charlie.

The CW just released pictures from the first two episodes of the fall. Click to enlarge below!

Photos from the September 26 season premiere, "Yes, Then Zero" ...

Cheers to a New Season!
Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl
UES Meets LA
Dair Picture
Chuck Rolls Up
Best Buds Forever
Fancy Running Into You Here
Out in L.A.
Nate and Diana
Nathaniel in L.A.
Future Princess of Monaco

And a few from the October 3 episode, "Beauty and the Feast" ...

Rhodes Cousins
Charlie or Ivy
Kaylee DeFer on Gossip Girl
Miss Serena

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Chuck and Nate look delicious and I'm glad CNS are having some fun for once. But damn I miss my bbs Chuck and Blair. Still not sure I'm tuning in until they're back.
Blair looks gorgeous but she needs to be with her sweetie and the rest of the NJBC


Looks like a lot of fun for Chuck, Serena and Nate in LA. Ah Blair you look so stressed! You should be relaxing with your friends in LA, not stuck preparing your wedding to boring Louis with the help of boring Dan :(


We need Chair please!


Not really impressed with everything they put out on the show yesterday. I was expecting something really good but it was short and nothing was really given. I am interested in Chuck and Serena's story lines. I don't really care about Blair planning a marriage to anyone but Chuck, so her story is a wash. Dan is the most boring character on the show, so I don't care. Really not too interested. If Chuck and Blair come back then I might watch again.


Chuck and Blair are forever. They should have been in the premiere, more would actually watch the show then


OMG! Chuck, Nate and Serena looks like the story to watch in the premiere! Wahoo! I love those three! Do wish Blair was there and not slumming with greasy Dan,yes, but she made her choice to marry Louis and now she has to deal with it. I wish for Chair to be back together but at least Chuck can have fun without having to watch Blair flip around with a dumb prince and annoying Brooklyn sludge.


Chuck and Blair FTW.Figure it out Gossip Girl


Chuck Bass jumping from a building! That LA shoot looks so fun. I just wish Blair was with them there. :( I hope Chuck and Blair get together again. That DB stuff looks so dumb.


I won't watch until Chair are back!


The CNS stuff looks like a blast! Blair's storyline has yet to interest me and it's probably the company she's keeping (Dan+Louis=boring). I like that Blair's dress is a pattern of palm trees because that tells me she really would rather be in California with CNS than around these drab morons. I guess Chuck is doing dangerous stunts to get over Blair? Either way, I'll watch when Chuck and Blair are doing scenes together and when they get back together. The rest-yawn.

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