Gossip Girl Set Photos: Nate and Charlie Kissing!

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Chace Crawford and Kaylee DeFer, Gossip Girl's newest cast member, were seen filming a passionate kissing scene for the CW series outside the Plaza Hotel in New York City yesterday.

Hey, Nate's hooked up with everybody else. Why leave the new girl out?

What do you suppose sparks the romantic connection between Charlie/Ivy and the UES' resident pass-around? What will Charlie's role in the upcoming fifth season of Gossip Girl be in general? We'll find out starting September 26.

Until then, your comments/opinions are encouraged as always!

Check out the (hot!) photos below. Do you like them together?

  • Nate and Charlie on Gossip Girl
  • Charlie and Nate
  • Nate and Charlie Kissing

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i want serena back with nate *


i won't serena back with nate. they're so perfect together




I hate Charlie!!
I want Jenny back with Nate!


I've always secretly hoped Nate and Eric would hook up. It's so wrong and so right at the same time!


Whooo, Nate finally needs a STORYLINE....Chace is a great actor but seriously, Nate's storyline is BORING. I like Nate's character but I wanna see him scream and cry, frustrated, sad, mad.... DRAMA :)


IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who the hell is this crazy charlie and WHY does nate always have to sleep with cougars?? give him a GOOD storyline for once and not with Serenate. MORE BROMANCE WITH DAN OR DAIR!


okay when you're saying "we end up with jenny" you mean you? xD okay fine take her, nate belongs to serena anyway.


wow, you guys are really dumb to think she could be pregnant with his baby. remember? we've seen a positive pregnancy test last season finale...when they didn't even hook up


I get so confused when everyone says N+S are the biggest whores on the show. Yea Nate got the label in the season 2 finale but isn't Chuck the ultimate slut? He's probably had
more partners than all the characters combined and then some! Lol