Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair to Kiss Again?!

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Dan and Blair may very well kiss again this fall.

That's the rumor going around Gossip Girl circles, even if the circumstances surrounding it are far from clear. What does Michael Ausiello of TV Line have to say about it?

"I’m hearing rumblings about a second kiss early in the season," he writes, "I don’t know when it occurs or what the context is. But does it really matter? A kiss is still a kiss."

Agree? Disagree? Elated? Repulsed? Confused?

Sound off on this Dair development below.

Dair Sleeping Together

dlair fan i love them so much that i just want to meet them i wish an wish in the end of gossip girl they are mairred have kids be in love and have a wonderful relationship together and be a happy family and end so butiful and i am alway going to be a fan of dlair i love them am there #1 fan live them cant stop thinking about it cant wait in the end and when the feel there love togather DLAIR FAN:):D:) love them


i loved chair and all their forbidden love scenes (i.e. piano) have been hot but let's be honest the bar mitzvah one really wasn't....the freeze frame kiss btw dan and blair way more exciting.


Dude, can I say DAIRDAIRDAIRDAIR!!!! I wish they would quit teasing my fragile heart and just get on with it! I need them together so very badly for my psyche to stay intact.


LOLS how are DAIR disgusting? IT'S PENN BADGELY!!! HE'S HOTT!!! speechless with some of the chair fans here... anyways, i agree with @alisha well said! I think we are going to have to wait until half way through season 2 because i think the writers are going to try and please the chair fans but i would really be ecstatic if somehow the father was dan HAHAHAHAHA or louis. I guess a lot of us dair fans actually prefer anyone for blair over chuck.
i will say i actually liked chuck with eva - he was nice and not a completely arrogant selfish jerk. he and serena would be a perfect match really.


DAIR! I love Dan and Blair! I used to be a CHAIR fan. But after watching all the drama and abusiveness, I really, really, really don't want CHAIR or DERENA ever again! I want DAIR! Like Leighton said in a recent interview - She is more herself around Dan than anyone. That's because she feels loved and safe with him. I am tired of the subtle love, though, and I want Dan and Blair to have heated passion like Dan used to have with Serena and Blair with Chuck. I know they feel passion for each other but won't act on it because they are afraid to mess up their friendship. I want DAIR! I hope DAIR is endgame.


@obsesseswithgossipgirl FUCKING CORRRECT. CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR :))))) yes chair!!


I use to be a huge Chair fan but then Season 4 happened and I couldn't deny the fact that I like Dan and Blair together. They are the smartest characters on the show, goal oriented and they really get each other. I doubt Blair will have any trouble with being successful with Dan. Love is suppose to kind, understanding, and beautiful. Not dark, intense, and tortured. The love between Chuck and Blair is a first true love thing. It was intense, romantic, and full of drama, that's okay when you're in high school but when you become an adult you need someone stable and in control of their life. And that's what Dan is. Dan for the win!! SN: I feel the producers had this planned out from the start. Strangers- associates- friend- lover- relationship!


I'm all for Chair, but I want some Dair. I just love their chemistry too. But we all know it's gonna be Chair in the end.


obsessed with gossipgirl is right hands down!1!!



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