Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair to Kiss Again?!

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Dan and Blair may very well kiss again this fall.

That's the rumor going around Gossip Girl circles, even if the circumstances surrounding it are far from clear. What does Michael Ausiello of TV Line have to say about it?

"I’m hearing rumblings about a second kiss early in the season," he writes, "I don’t know when it occurs or what the context is. But does it really matter? A kiss is still a kiss."

Agree? Disagree? Elated? Repulsed? Confused?

Sound off on this Dair development below.

Dair Sleeping Together

I agree @Amy I used to love them before last season. I even looked forward to seeing them happen. But they were ruined last season. No sparks at all. Sorry, I want snarky fighting Dan and Blair back. Dan pining for Blair while she's engaged is so boring. But thats typical for this show. They ruin everything good eventually.


I love Dair! Can't wait to see them kiss again. Blair loved Chuck, but people grow up and move on. Chucks the type that's never going to marry and so on.. and Blair really wants to be more to somebody!


Count me as another one tired of having Dair forced down my throat by the writers and media. I used to love their scenes and looked forward to them but after last season I can barely stomach them on screen together. Let them be frenemies that share a couple of big scenes each season. A little DB gotes a looooong way. Dial it back writers. You ruined a good thing.


@Kendallf Blair judges Dan as much as Dan judges Blair. In fact, I think Blair is the most judgmental on the show. Which is fine because she's Blair and she's awesome. But don't pretend like Dan is the only person that looks down on people; and he's gotten a lot less "judgy" since season 1. He was kind of awful back then.


wooooooo good news. im looking forward to more interaction between the pair, however i dont understand the hate for them... im a dair supporter but i know pretty much that fact is fact and chair will be end game and dont hold out hope for them, so if we pretty much know chair will be endgame why get antagonised by Blair occasionally having scenes with another man/love interest.


ewwwww!!! I am %100 sure I will skip that episode so I won't throw up on my mouth. Dan Blair and being romantic just don't fit in the same sentence. The picture you are showing above was one the most boring yawnworthy scenes Blair ever had. I hope it won't happen again. They won't make Blair as dull as she was in scenes with Dan. I hate my beloved best character on GG when she was with Dan on scenes.




Dan and Blair for endgameeee


@crissy can do
Omg u are retarded. Dair is the most forced and contrived pairing on this show and Dan does not understand Blair. WTF are u talking about if he understands her then why was he judging for the last for 4 seasons? What show are u watching? Chuck and Blair are know for understanding each other inside and out since season 1. So go back and watch all seasons again and get your facts straight.


I would want nothing for the show if Dan and Blair end up together. I just love how there relationship has evolved so naturally never felt forced or fake (like CHAIR). Dair's chemistry goes far beyond a simple friendship. They understand each other better than anyone because they're both driven, smart, and keep going back to the wrong ones. DAIR FO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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