Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 277

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Welcome to the 277th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... jennay. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to solofia and Aussie. Thanks to everybody for playing and best of luck next week in another Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!

All Hands on Deck at SGMWH

Mereith: Why are we watching a movie about caterpillars?
Richard: To provide strength and growth!
Callie: Especially for your hair....

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Greys Anatomy Choir Practice shall proceed!


Speaker: Everyone in favor of Grey Anatomy going Glee this season?


Jackson: I have such a headache.
Lexie: Geez Jackson! What did I do now?
Stark: Are you just going to let then keep this up Chief?


Everybody: All of this surgery watching is giing me a headache.
Chief: Well, nobody said that youall had to stay up here and watch.
Everybody: Now you tell us that!!!!

Steph w

All Thinking: Oprah! Oprah is on and we are not watching it!Special Edition as well !


MerDer holding hands? Well that won't make the final cut


stark:why the long faces?


Callie: *Thinking* Please, do not smell that!
Lexie: *Blows smell away* Oh my gosh! Gross!
April and Alex: Oh my..
Jackson: That smell gives me a headache.
Stark: Hey, you smelt it, you dealt it.


Everyone complaing about how they wish they could just end their contracts and the show could end. Stark:Why can't we just end this season like Desperate Housewives?


April:Why is she back, i thought we did this story like three seasons ago? Lexi:We could be using this time for me and not waste it on this blonde who cant act. Jackson:I wish they couls just let this girl die for me and lexi can go get it on in the call room. Callie:Why i'm I crying, i mean I was the main focus last season but I want it to stay that way but no here comes this blonde back into our lives. Mer and derreck both thinking in their heads: When will thi show go back to us being the main story. Bailey:Omg please save her. Alex:please save my wife, wait my ex wife. Stark:whos this blonde chick. Cheif:They call her izzy, and she was suppose to die a couple seasons back but sadly she didnt and now Shondra wants to repeat this story like she does with every story.

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