Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Seattle, You've Got Male!

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Next Thursday, Grey's Anatomy goes all-male - and Comic-Con - on us!

The doctors of Seattle Grace are called upon to man up when a stampede at a comic book convention causes an influx of colorful characters in the ER-blurring the lines of fantasy and reality.

Meanwhile, Mark shows his softer side with baby Sofia when Arizona and Callie go out of town (a disaster waiting to happen) but at work he continues to give understudy Jackson a hard time.

Also causing complications? Ben returns to the ER, only to find that Nurse Eli has moved in on Bailey. The male doctors all take turns narrating - and bonding over their frustrations with women.

The much-anticipated "all-boys" episode looks like a must see indeed. Read our Grey's Anatomy review from last night, then take a look at the promo below for "What Is It About Men" ...

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I wasn't crazy about the episode, especially with Derek and Meridith but I liked what Owen did to the big guy. And the best part was when the chief played his music for Alex in the or. Anyone who is looking for the song by the way for anyone who wants to know (after I went crazy trying to search for this info) is by Fitz and The Tantrums, Dear Mr. President. You can find it if you go on Pandora and just type in the above info. This is a great song, just had to have it. Enjoy everyone, have a great night.


I wonder when Lexie is gonna stand up for her sister and tell evryone what Alex did to get the money to get the kids to the hospital, everyone is mad at Mer for what she did, but Karev wasn´t any better in my opinion.


I still have hope that Meredith is pregnant and that is going to bring them back together


Where is Zola?maybe Shonda Rhimes killed her just to inflict pain to Merder. And to annoy the fans that lead her to success .


Ohhh Wow... cant wait for the next episode... seems hilarious!!


is it just me or does mer look a little shes sick or something?


I think this episode is to raise Avery's profile. I can't see him talking about his frustrations with Lex cos they're still very lovey dovey,and would he really be talking like that in front of Mark??. It's about time Lex and Avery had some disagreements in their relationship, cos they are a very boring couple. I hope Der's gonna be nicer to Mer now. I get that he has had his faith in her ruined in his job, but I really hope he's gonna start taking down that wall he's built between them. I think Webber is really happy, but am I right in thinking Adele is gonna turn up at the hospital soon? I'm sure she is the main reason he gave up being the chief


I want to know who Owen is punching and why!!


Why do I get the feeling I am going to love this episode from the amount of humour it will contribute?


Why is it that on this show women are shown transgressing traditional gender norms (example not wanting children, not relying on their male partners to take care of them) yet when it comes to the guys, it's all about being manly. Like why are all th emale doctors, tall dark and handsome and none of them transgress dominant ideas of what it means to be a man? Like George was the only one who didn't fulfil the manly man image yet he was insecure all the time when he should have been more conifident being different and now there is not much diversity with the male characters.