Grey's Anatomy Giveaway: Win Seasons 1-7 on DVD!

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Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy kicks off September 22 with back-to-back episodes.

As you gear up for the eighth season ... how would you like to win ALL SEVEN previous seasons on DVD, courtesy of ABC and TV Fanatic? Yes, we're serious! This is your chance to do so, free of charge!

Just follow these steps and be entered to win the Ultimate Fan DVD Prize Pack:

Greys 1-7 DVD
  1. Register with TV Fanatic (or login if you already have an account)
  2. Follow this link to take a brief Grey's Anatomy quiz, then leave a comment on this post with your score! Winner will be selected at random. Contest limited to U.S. residents. We will announce the winner and private message you on TV Fanatic on Thursday, September 15. Best of luck!

UPDATE: The contest is closed at this time. The winner, selected at random, is greysgirl1992. Congratulations and thank you all for playing! Check back with TV Fanatic for more awesome contests!

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100%!! haha so easy

Greys anatomy 1 fan

Ok so i dont know how many time i can say this but i got 5 out of 5 and i really want to win. I have been watching greys anatomy since i was 11 and i am 15 now. I love greys anatomy i google it everyday and i watch it everyday but it kinda hard cause sometimes i cant get to the tv. I really want to win


AWWW made a retarded mistake and clicked the wrong one on accident!!! 4 out of 5!!! o well i still love my grey's anatomy lol

Jimbob 09

If only grey's anatomy was a course in college! i'd have straight A's!!!! I received a 5 out of 5!!!! 100%!!!! I would be beyooond grateful if I won this contest! You guys are amazing, tvfanatic, your hard work is noticeable, and we fellow fans appreciate it! The fact that you guys are giving away this set after everything you already do, it's.. well.. it's very cool!! Mer/Der forever!!!


5/5 100% wohoo!


5/5, 100% B)


5 out of 5 :). ahh pleasee :)


I try it... Barbara from Milan, Italy and I score 5 out of 5... But the quiz was really simply ;) ... Waiting to see the new season with a Derek more "Grey" and not "Black or White"!?!?
Sorry about my englsih: I know it's terrible!?!?


5 out of 5. a hardcore fan through and through. would love to be on set and watch these brilliant artists in action.


Yayyy 100% :)
Can't wait for the next season to start.

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