Grey's Anatomy Premiere: What to Watch For

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The two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy is now a mere week away. If you've followed any news and/or Grey's Anatomy spoilers this offseason, you know there's a lot up in the air at this point.

There's so much to digest, it's hard to know what to expect, and the season hasn't even started yet. Rest assured, heads will be spinning and hearts will be pounding by the time 11 p.m. rolls around.

Here's a look at five keys to the much-anticipated return ...

The return of laughter. Grey's is at its best when there are light-hearted moments to compliment the drama, and Mark and Jackson deliver that and then some, courtesy of Jackson's newfound interest in plastics.

Mark can't help but be impressed by his protege's skill, even if there's awkwardness over the whole Lexie thing. Speaking of which, there's allegedly a little something that will keep the Mark-Lexie hope alive. 

April K.

April's first time: Running the show, that is. It doesn't go well at all as Dr. Kepner cannot rein in headstrong doctors - to the detriment of all. How bad is it? Will she make it past her first day? Stay tuned.

Sinkhole heroes: Get ready for some wonderful guest stars heartbreakingly fighting for their lives.

Ongoing issues: Derek still isn't over the clinical trial blowup, and Meredith is reeling. But life and work and motherhood go on. At least for some. Get ready to be surprised by how certain issues are resolved.

You thinking what we're thinking regarding Cristina?

Heartbreak in Seattle: To hear E! tell it, there could be full-on bawling by the end of the episode, as Shonda Rhimes again "brings us to tears and sets up what we hope will be a good fight." Make of that what you will.

In short, vintage Grey's Anatomy. Share your predictions and hopes for the premiere here!

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what ever happens,merder should stay together and raise zola,little grey should go back to slone,and this guys should all stay especially merder.


I think last season finale totally sucked!!!! Previous season finales were mind blowing...specially that one with George died or the one with mass shootout. This one really sucked that Derek leaving Meredith without even saying anything...kind of stupid....lets hope for a thrilling new season


I hope Derek isn't still pissed all season. That would suck. Bring on the big blowout between these two. It looks like lot's of Meredith, Derek, Alex and Cristina so I am happy about that and also that the humor is back.


I'm counting down the days, so looking forward to the return of Grey's Anatomy I am re-watching the series up to season 5 and Izzie's fighting with her hallucination and she tries to draw blood on herself. I'm ready for the laughter and the tears the writers do such a good job. I hope we hear soon that Patrick and Ellen and the rest of the original cast members are extending their contracts or are leaving it open so they can come and go as guest stars so they can do other things eg Patrick would either do more movies or go out racing more, and Ellen could spend more time with her daughter. Bring on September 22, 'SERIOUSLY' the wait has been so long.


MerDer need to reunite. I think season 8 should be the last. Its time to pull the plug. DNR!


I'm not sure that Cris will have an abortion, I'm expecting her SL to take a twist and for her to maybe to have a miscarriage????? She wasn't feeling well when S7 finished. Mer worries me a lot. She seems to be pinning her hopes on being a mom after she gets fired (from the extra promos). But if the social worker questions the state of the MerDer marriage and Zola is being taken away from Mer. Who told tales about the MerDer conflict and Der sulking at his building site???? Mer is doing something implusive by taking Zola away from the hospital. Is Der going to cover for her big mistake in taking Zola??? Won't Mer have to find time to be a hero in 8.02 so she gets her job back? That's got to be to do with the sinkhole surely???


Thats terrible doing that to your children, giving them dog leashes ! its actually amazing that they turned out normal.

Greys anatomy 1 fan

You know that i love derek but he needa get over it he did bad thangs in the past she did somthing bad but for good of adele. Adele thought merideth was her mother so i know somting snapped in her head and made her do it. And derek is going to forgive her but he is never gonna forget and i hope mer dont get altimerz that would suck and i wouldnt watch anymore and christina should keep her baby.


April's going to suck trying to run all those docs. She's too nice and they'll run all over her. I look forward to seeing it though. I like the Mark/Jackson bromance. Mark's friendship with Derek has fizzled out, he's never been lose to Hunt, and Callie was too wrapped up trying not to tick off her annoying gf. Alex used to be his protege but he's moved on to Peds. So I really look forward to two of my favorite men finally getting some well deserved screentime and being the two to finally bring the desperatelyneeded humor back to Grey's makes it all the better.


I giving April several dog leashes for her birthday; like that they can actually pay attencion and obey (one of my mom's co-wokers did that to her kids and they're normal adults now...with the exception of when they go out to dinner they set their plates on the floor...)

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