Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Review: "Free Falling"

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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Seattle Grace! The eighth season of Grey's Anatomy kicked off with "Free Falling," an episode that focused heavily on our original characters and where their future is headed. So, let’s dig right in...

Yang Looks On

Catch up…Things are pretty much the same as where we left off in last season’s finale. Meredith and Derek are still apart, with Christina and Mer back to being each other's “person.” Lexie and Jackson are unfortunately still together and Alex has been blacklisted from the group. 

Meredith & Derek: These two need to get it together and quick. We spent enough seasons waiting for them to get it right and now that they have, there is no reason that they should still be apart. I get why Derek is angry, but come on. Your wife was trying to help someone. Time to move on from this storyline. Meredith getting fired and then leaving with Zola? She is now a full blown mother.

Cristina: You can call me the president of the Cristina Yang fan club and this episode made me remember why. Sandra Oh is flawless, every episode, every scene. The girl can show so much range and still make you laugh why she is doing it. 

Derek and Zola Pic

Other Thoughts…

  • April Kepner as Chief Resident? Not working for me or anyone else at the hospital.
  • Bailey is back as her outspoken, running-the-world self and I couldn’t be happier. Not that I want to see the Chief go, but when he does I think we know who to call the new one should be.
  • Who will turn out to be the Gunther? My vote is on Yang.
  • This Sloan and Jackson pairing could be a whole lot of fun. 
  • Lexie = HOT with bangs.
  • Who didn’t love her throwback Bailey speech to the interns?

The big case of the week was pretty intense. I have seen pictures of streets breaking down like that and it is SCARY. If there is one medical thing that this show does right, it is making big cases with patients you come to care about. The pole through the two bodies? The bomb? Hands down a couple of the best Grey’s episodes ever.

This episode set the season in motion, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be good.

Back to basics is what we need. Focus on the core characters; this could be the originals' last season, after all. This series defines how TV shows are supposed to make you feel: relating to the characters, being on the edge of the seat with worry and anticipation. Here is hoping that Season 8 takes us back to the Grey’s Anatomy we once knew and loved.

So, TV Fanatics, what did you think of the first hour of Season 8? Everything you were hoping for or did it still feel like the mediocre season seven? Sound off on “Free Falling” and then come back for the second hour’s review to wrap up premiere night.


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I'll stick with Greys Anatomy even if it does get old & bad like you are all saying. its a great show so stfu and gtfo of this site. it was a good episode.


Just got around to watching this episode. Sorry to say I'm less than excited for the season. Most of what happened seemed out of character. Bailey was just mean. I like her toughness with the interns/residents, but that's not what was happening here. She was hateful. Derek is being an idiot. If they lose the baby it's his fault, not Meredith's. And WHAT social service agency would send a sick baby back to to Malawi rather than leave it with 2 doctors as parents - even if they are separated? I am really tired of everyone jumping into bed with a different partner as if that fixes everything. And what kind of doctor is Yang if she can't figure out how to not get pregnant. Once is a mistake, twice is inexcusable. I don't like having a show rely so heavily on the "if it feels good, do it" attitude. No responsibility for anyone. GGGRRR.


This premier was terrible. The writers were all over the place. Making McDreamy such an ass to his wife makes him unbearable to watch. I get that he is mad but he is acting like a pouty baby. I just find his behaviour ridiculous and Meredith putting up with it is even worse. The writer's failed to show any emotion in Meredith. Are the viewers suppose to believe that she doesn't shed a tear or address the fact that the man she was willing to give her life for left her? It's like no big deal just like her reaction at getting fired. She put a decade of her life in her career and has always said that surgery means everything to her is now making jam? It's just like the miscarraige that the writers swept under the rug. Forgotten and never talked about. Jackson being the Gunther was sickening as well as annoying Kepner. Kepner as chief resident is awful when you have talented doctors like Mer, Cris and Alex. Bailey was mean this episode and I usually love her. The only good parts to me was the Richard who showed how much he cares about Meredith. Also, am glad Cris did not keep a child she did not want. If they don't bring McDreamy back soon, I can't watch. I hope the DVD sales for season 8 tank because what MerDer fan would want to buy it and rewatch McDreamy verbally abusing Meredith.


I think I am saying good bye to GA.. This season open weas just H-O-R-A-B-L-E.. First all that stuff they did in the field would never happen! Chris should have not have had that orbition.. Kamptner as the Chief, big laugh.. Tired of Chris VS that cardio surgon, what is that wound 4435? And how many times is Chris going to say "I'm ready to learn"? And for Meridith to still be in the hospital would never happen, the minute she was fired she would have been walking out of the hospital by security.


For those that don't buy Jackson as the Gunther, please recall that his quick thinking is what helped save Derek's life during the mass shooting. I like Jackson and Lexie but would like to see more depth to their relationship.


I find it funny when people come to forums or site to say that they are done with the show, that they arent going to keep watching, etc. Yet they have the need to go to this site to find out whats going on with the show and commenting that they arent going to keep watching. LOL! If you are not going to watch the show anymore why bother coming here and commenting about it. Guess what I dont care if you are going to stop watching. If your done with Greys then you are done. Myself are going to keep watching it until the very last episode. I bet that those people who say that they arent going to watch anymore are glue to the tv every thursday at 9 waiting for Greys. : ) Cristina had the right to an abortion. She did not want to have a baby its her life she should live it the way she likes it. You cant force other people to have your beliefs or make them live their lifes like the way you do. Every people have the right to make they own decisions and choices. This is the joy of living in the United States of America! So get over it!!!!


I was pretty disappointed with the whole first two episodes. First, Get Over It Derek! He's just being a big baby and is treating his wife deplorably, considering the fact that she was trying to help the Chief's wife. He is actually irritating me.
Then the scenes with the frantic husband having to cut into his wife's leg, that was almost too much to believe or watch. I'm thinking that the writers had better get the Mer-Der thing back to normal pretty soon or I'm all done with this show, and I've been a fan since the very first episode.


I am deleting this pathetic show from my DVR. I have put up with the liberal agenda for way too long. I have heard of shows killing off characters in their last season, but not viewers. Sorry, but the whole abortion thing was the final straw. Goodby Greys - I won't miss you!


I did not watch 7 season just to see MER&DER break up this is stupid. I love the show but this is just making me so mad!!! enough be happy gosh!

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