Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

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Now this, TV Fanatics, is what I call a solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy

"She's Gone” was the second hour of GA premiere night, and it definitely delivered. An intense case, tension and drama between the doctors, and relationship development. This is exactly how I like my Thursday evenings. 

Jackson, Cristina, Alex and April

Goodbye Zola. Looks like Meredith’s disappearing act, on top of lying about her job, caught up with her. Social Services came and took our precious MerDer McBaby away from us. All I’m saying is, she better give her back. The Derek being pissed storyline needs to go, but Meredith will not be able to lose Zola on top of everything else. This will put her at a whole new level of dark and twisty. 

Alex stepping up for Meredith was a class act. Granted, it’s the least he can do, but there is nothing better than when Alex the Underdog shines like he did. 

Jackson is the Gunther. Who knew? Avery remained calm and cool throughout the Gunther test. Now if only we could get his shirt off more often, he might move up the ranks as favorite resident. 

Dealing with the Unexpected. The Cristina/Owen/Baby arc is a touchy subject for a network show to cover. Without getting into details/opinions of the situation, let’s just say this gave Sandra Oh another chance to excel. It also provided the best quote of the hour:

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a nice stump so you could get prosthesis. | permalink
C-Yang Action

Chief Webber? More like Best Faux Dad/Best Boss Ever. Time and time again the Chief has gone out of his way to protect Meredith and here he did it again. Although I could sense it was coming, I couldn’t have been more pumped when he insisted that it was Mer protecting him and he tampered with the clinical trial. He’s almost at the end of his career, so he doesn’t have much to lose, but the way he cares for Meredith, he would have done this anytime for her. 

“You Crazy B*tch!” Put your hands up if you thought that Christina accidentally stabbing Karev was a highlight of this episode!! It was a classic Grey’s moment in an episode that was otherwise filled with tension and worry.

Bailey's New Haircut

On a side note, Lexie and Jackson need to end things. They barely had any scenes together and he has much more chemistry with April. Jackson needs to go ahead and get on the new Chief Resident, sending Little Grey back into the arms of the Mark. By the way, Sloan is officially the HOTTEST DILF ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Premiere night is officially over and we have been served with two solid episodes of our favorite doctor drama. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Glad Alex has worked things out with his friends or should he still be exiled? Should Mer and Der get Zola back? Sound off below and then head over to the quotes section to check out the best from the Grey’s Anatomy two hour premiere.

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lol. remember people, it's not real. shonda rhimes makes stuff up for a living. an episode is what it is. u can't go back and rescript it because you're mad. do you rewrite every book you read because you don't like every scene? television is a cultural text. it's representation. not reality. #gtfoh


Blu I have a suggestion for you: stop watching grey's! find something else to complain about. Still loving greys :)


When mer took zola she kept muttering "what did I do" she also did that in season 2 when she put her hand in the body with the bomb in it. Seems she mutters that when she does something she's unsure about.


Im sorry Blu but I dont agree with you, I dont see how meredith is a perpetual screwup, I mean look at past seasons, this is the first time she has done something like this, and to be fair the chief almost made her do it, I think he was very manipulative , but then again, is my opnion. Thinking about it, in the past I dont see where she screw up, she done some things like the bomb thing, but I dont see it as a mistake, she was being brave, and if we use your argument Izzie was as perpetual screw up as well, she cuted the wires and then the chief covered for her too... that was no differente from what Meredith long i dont have


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what has happen to little gray? And is izzie gone too?


Bailey was being Bailey. I love this woman. I'm sorry but she was RIGHT in how she reprimanded the chief about Meredith. I am so sick of Meredith doing stupid stuff and sliding by without being held accountable, not only that but then they villianize the people who call her out on it (Alex and Bailey). She was wrong. End of story. She's been a perpetual screwup since season one I don't get how she's viewed as a good doctor. I'm sick of people always being expected to clean up her messes...and I wanted to slap the chief for throwing his career and study away for her. She'll never learn from her mistakes if someone always swoops in to cover for her. It's frustrating to watch. Her intentions were good but her actions were wrong and the fact that she is seen as a victim is mind boggling. Alex. I hated the fact that he was a pariah amongst his colleagues. IMO he didn't do anything wrong. If meredith hadn't have done something stupid he wouldn't have had anything to tell. I wish somebody would see that. Alex isn't the bad guy here, and he proved that he's a good person at the end, he always proves hmself. Avery being the Gunther is no surprise. There was a time when they actuallly wrote Avery as a competent doctor who rivaled Christina and I'm glad they got back to that. He's good at what he does and I'm glad he's getting something good becauase I was getting sick of them writing him like an ass or an idiot. They completly changed his character last season so I'm glad they're back to who he really is and why I love him. He should be chief Resident or Alex at this point. I love that he and Mark are sharing screentime. they are two of my fave characters and they got royall screwed over last season a nd they deserve some good writing for them and time to shine. April still sucks. I'm so THANKFUL all that Callie/Arizona, Mark drama is over. I might actually start to like Arizona again......MIGHT.


I am new here and about 1 week late in commenting on the season opener but I just had to come on and say that I really liked it. My fav's include Alex calling Cristina a b***as he lay on the floor. Too funny. Another great scene was Alex telling Cristina that they all had to forgive him because he only had them and of course Cristina's priceless response. The opener had everything...from Cristina & Mer being there for each other... to Sloan being superior.... to Bailey the pragmatic fixer and the Chief looking out for Mer as a surrogate dad. We have angst for the twisted sisters and their hubby's and Jackson stepping up as a leader. I find that I like April more than I thought Lexi didn't have much to do and neither did Torres. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hope it's good.


I don't think that Baily was a b...., she has always been this way. When one of her residents does something wrong she gets mad at them. People now are complaining because the ones that screw up was Meredith and Meredith fans think that she is a saint and cant do anything wrong and if she does do something wrong they find excuses for her behavior like her mommy problems. And god forbid that other character get mad at her or tell the truth about what Meredith do because then they do not like them. They don't like Baily now because she told the truth about Meredith. Whether you like it or not BAILY was RIGHT!


Just some thoughts about Ch Yang:
Christina got pregnant than was told, after her surgery, she would never be pregnant again, remember?
Why taking pills if she thoughts you won´t ever be pregnant again?
Chosing abortion, doesn´t make Yang a bad wife or a bad person. It´s her choice; not every woman is cut for motherhood, and even if she is, she just might not be ready for such a huge change or sacrifice her career for a baby.
I can relate to that!!

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