Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

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Now this, TV Fanatics, is what I call a solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy

"She's Gone” was the second hour of GA premiere night, and it definitely delivered. An intense case, tension and drama between the doctors, and relationship development. This is exactly how I like my Thursday evenings. 

Jackson, Cristina, Alex and April

Goodbye Zola. Looks like Meredith’s disappearing act, on top of lying about her job, caught up with her. Social Services came and took our precious MerDer McBaby away from us. All I’m saying is, she better give her back. The Derek being pissed storyline needs to go, but Meredith will not be able to lose Zola on top of everything else. This will put her at a whole new level of dark and twisty. 

Alex stepping up for Meredith was a class act. Granted, it’s the least he can do, but there is nothing better than when Alex the Underdog shines like he did. 

Jackson is the Gunther. Who knew? Avery remained calm and cool throughout the Gunther test. Now if only we could get his shirt off more often, he might move up the ranks as favorite resident. 

Dealing with the Unexpected. The Cristina/Owen/Baby arc is a touchy subject for a network show to cover. Without getting into details/opinions of the situation, let’s just say this gave Sandra Oh another chance to excel. It also provided the best quote of the hour:

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a nice stump so you could get prosthesis. | permalink
C-Yang Action

Chief Webber? More like Best Faux Dad/Best Boss Ever. Time and time again the Chief has gone out of his way to protect Meredith and here he did it again. Although I could sense it was coming, I couldn’t have been more pumped when he insisted that it was Mer protecting him and he tampered with the clinical trial. He’s almost at the end of his career, so he doesn’t have much to lose, but the way he cares for Meredith, he would have done this anytime for her. 

“You Crazy B*tch!” Put your hands up if you thought that Christina accidentally stabbing Karev was a highlight of this episode!! It was a classic Grey’s moment in an episode that was otherwise filled with tension and worry.

Bailey's New Haircut

On a side note, Lexie and Jackson need to end things. They barely had any scenes together and he has much more chemistry with April. Jackson needs to go ahead and get on the new Chief Resident, sending Little Grey back into the arms of the Mark. By the way, Sloan is officially the HOTTEST DILF ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Premiere night is officially over and we have been served with two solid episodes of our favorite doctor drama. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Glad Alex has worked things out with his friends or should he still be exiled? Should Mer and Der get Zola back? Sound off below and then head over to the quotes section to check out the best from the Grey’s Anatomy two hour premiere.

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Oh my gosh. Some people here are sooooo dramatic. One can never tell what they would do if they were in a certain situation. I don't understand, it is so easy to pass judgement on others, but when it comes to being in a situation a person uses any excuse to justify their own actions. Geesh. Cristina did what we all knew she was going to do. She had an abortion! Granted it is not what some people would do, while some might. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for her to have some type of miraculous epiphany and decide to keep the baby. Some people just don't want children and she is one of those. GET OVER IT, it's a show that most of the time does not reflect reality, but in many cases it does, and the Cristina situation is one of those times. As for MerDer. I actually disliked Meridith before, but in the pass seasons have learned to like her a lot more. She did what she did and suffered the consequences. Derrick didn't say in his vows, "I promise to love and cherish you in sickness and health, OH except for if you f*** with my Alzheimer's trial and ruin your own career." Marriages go through some sh*t and I'm so sick of the solution being to break-up. Whoever thought they were going to go through a marriage "easy breezy" should be smacked in the face twice. Hopefully they go through a rough patch and find themselves back together. By the way, I don't think Bailey was being a B, she was just fed up with the chaos and said things that needed to be said. Love Alex, people make mistakes.


House had the same storyline and I dont remember anyone giving Forman the cold treatment xD


I must say I'm really disapointed with the show. After eight seasons, with some crazy storylines (Izzie and Denny as a ghost and the musical episode) that didnt make me stop watching, I feel really desapointed know. I never stoped watching it because of Meredith Grey (not only MerDer). She's my favorite character (although I always thought her storylines could be better from the beginning). I hate to see how Meredith turned out to be from season 4 to now. Old Meredith wouldn't put up a guy treating her like crap like that. Derek's high morality is doubtful since his arguments are so fragil Also, I dont understand why she's so obsessed with the idea of being a mother that she kidnapped a baby. I dont get Meredith anymore. Or derek ! So for me after waiting so much for season eight i dont think it was fair what they showed as first and second episode , besides I watched third episode promo and it seems like the same! I would really like to see Meredith strugle with her mom legacy on medicine, that would be interesting, or something from her past... let the baby story go for a while please Shonda!


I love MerDer but am fuming mad at how the writer's have made McDreamy into such a self rightous ass. I don't care if he did this trial because of Meredith. The chances that he would find a cure for Alzheimer's in their lifetime is ridiculous in itself. Meredith did something wrong and it was impulsive to save Adele. She didn't hurt Derek's career. She hurt her own. For him to act so cold and abusive is hard to watch. He doesn't trusr her? What happened to his vows of love each other even when we hate each other or no one runs ever! Did Meredith treat him like crap when he forgot to tell her he had a wife? When he called her a whore for dating while he was married? When he moved out because he was pouting over a dead patient and threw her engagement ring and called her a lemon? Never saw Meredith walk ou and call him names. She stepped in front of a gun for him. Please Shonda bring McDreamy back because I can't watch much more of this!! Bailey was a bitch this episode. April and Jackson could go away forever. Get Mark and Lexie back together.


No more round table?! This was one of my favorite site features.


ummmmm Derek is definitely the HOTTEST DILF!!!!! not Mark! Love Love Love Cristina, Bailey, Alex, and Merridith!! Definitely my favorite out of all of the cast. Sometimes I throw Derek in there but right now he is frustrating me with being mad at Mer. And I know that the story line of cristina having an abortion is touchy but hey, that is the character she is and it would have been wrong for her to keep the child. As Mer said, It would have destroyed her! Glad that Grey's shows this kind of story because it happens in the real world (not everything is lovey dovey we can make it work with a child).


I hate Derek, Mark is free it would be way cool if Meredith left Derek for Mark. and will someone please drown April..


How is anyone upset by Cristina? She doesn't have to take birth control if she doesn't want to. Many people have sex with condoms and still get pregnant. It's the way the world works. Owen went into the marriage knowing she didn't want kids, and he had "hoped" that down the road SHE would've changed. I'm sorry, but if you marry someone hoping they'd change further down the road, you are not marrying them for who they are. She stayed true to her character, and Shonda doesn't have to apologize for that. Never in the seasons of Grey's has Cristina made any reference into wanting kids, or that she would want kids if she ever met a man she loved, would she change her mind. As for Derek, he needs to grow up. Yeah, she tampered with your trial and now you can't save Meredith from the possibility of having Alzheimer's. But she did what she had to do for her surrogate father, and the Chief in return did what he had to do for Meredith. Things are never simply black and white for the poster girl for this show. Sure, she tarnished the reputation of the hospital, but this show isn't realistic. And your post-it clearly states that you would NOT run away, nor would you ever stop loving her if she loses her memory. As a daughter of Ellis Grey, she clearly has thought about being old and living with Alzheimer's. It's time you moved on and fight for your life together to get Zola back.


First I find it funny when people come to forums or site to say that they are done with the show, that they arent going to keep watching, etc. Yet they have the need to go to this site to find out whats going on with the show and commenting that they arent going to keep watching. LOL! If you are not going to watch the show anymore why bother coming here and commenting about it. Guess what I dont care if you are going to stop watching. If your done with Greys then you are done. Myself are going to keep watching it until the very last episode. I bet that those people who say that they arent going to watch anymore are glue to the tv every thursday at 9 waiting for Greys. : ) Second this is fiction not real life. Third Cristina character has never express wanting kids, she has always live for surgery. Like she said her heart lives in her scalpel or something like that. She should not change who she is, Owen knew how she was before getting married. In the end he understood that and gave her his support.


Disgusting. Cristina got pregnant by Burke and then lost it, and then got pregnant again and killed it. Do you think a cardiothoracic surgeon would know how to use birth control? Really? As someone who has struggled with infertility, I find this episode tasteless and offensive. I have also adopted a child and found the portrayal of the social worker offensive as well. Way to go Shonda. Give me and your Cristina character a break. You just made Cristina into a cold disgusting idiot. Thanks a lot. All this show is about now is pushing the left wing barrier farther and farther without a concern for the integrity of the show. No concern for the fans, nothing. I am pissed.

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You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.


Meredith is the best mother a child could have. She loves Zola and she loves me, and if she has any flaws, it's that she loves people so much she will do anything for them.


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