Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

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Now this, TV Fanatics, is what I call a solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy

"She's Gone” was the second hour of GA premiere night, and it definitely delivered. An intense case, tension and drama between the doctors, and relationship development. This is exactly how I like my Thursday evenings. 

Jackson, Cristina, Alex and April

Goodbye Zola. Looks like Meredith’s disappearing act, on top of lying about her job, caught up with her. Social Services came and took our precious MerDer McBaby away from us. All I’m saying is, she better give her back. The Derek being pissed storyline needs to go, but Meredith will not be able to lose Zola on top of everything else. This will put her at a whole new level of dark and twisty. 

Alex stepping up for Meredith was a class act. Granted, it’s the least he can do, but there is nothing better than when Alex the Underdog shines like he did. 

Jackson is the Gunther. Who knew? Avery remained calm and cool throughout the Gunther test. Now if only we could get his shirt off more often, he might move up the ranks as favorite resident. 

Dealing with the Unexpected. The Cristina/Owen/Baby arc is a touchy subject for a network show to cover. Without getting into details/opinions of the situation, let’s just say this gave Sandra Oh another chance to excel. It also provided the best quote of the hour:

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a nice stump so you could get prosthesis. | permalink
C-Yang Action

Chief Webber? More like Best Faux Dad/Best Boss Ever. Time and time again the Chief has gone out of his way to protect Meredith and here he did it again. Although I could sense it was coming, I couldn’t have been more pumped when he insisted that it was Mer protecting him and he tampered with the clinical trial. He’s almost at the end of his career, so he doesn’t have much to lose, but the way he cares for Meredith, he would have done this anytime for her. 

“You Crazy B*tch!” Put your hands up if you thought that Christina accidentally stabbing Karev was a highlight of this episode!! It was a classic Grey’s moment in an episode that was otherwise filled with tension and worry.

Bailey's New Haircut

On a side note, Lexie and Jackson need to end things. They barely had any scenes together and he has much more chemistry with April. Jackson needs to go ahead and get on the new Chief Resident, sending Little Grey back into the arms of the Mark. By the way, Sloan is officially the HOTTEST DILF ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Premiere night is officially over and we have been served with two solid episodes of our favorite doctor drama. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Glad Alex has worked things out with his friends or should he still be exiled? Should Mer and Der get Zola back? Sound off below and then head over to the quotes section to check out the best from the Grey’s Anatomy two hour premiere.

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I've decided to stop watching the show. Doesn't matter if we've known Christina for 7 years, because none of that have given me the prospects of concluding that she would never be able to develop in to a great person, until now. She did not just end a life, she took away a child from her husband. Meredith was not raised by a Christina, she was raised by the one and only emoitionally krippled Ellis Grey.
Christina has done none of the sort, as falling in love with another man while still remaining in a marriage, which Ellis did. This is actually a man that she loves, and loves her, deeply, and completely understands Her. However, not the other way around. She does not deserve Owen, Owen deserves someone else. And I'mn not sorry to say this, because I've chosen to stop watching this show. I have experienced alot less love and more abuse than Christina has, I'm driven and ambitious, but I still have feelings. I wouldn't do that to my husband (I am married to a wonderful man), who gets me. And honestly, I get him sometimes as well. I thought I was like Christina, but that choice just did it. Good luck and so long GA, it's been fun, almost.


I am more than angry about how Derek behaves!. This is not how A HUSBAND should behave. he does not listen to her and he is pretty much responsible about losing a baby. he acts like an arrogant jack ass. I love Derek, and it is hard to stand his attitude. The season premier though was fantastic. the moment in doorway when Christina started crying was heartbreaking. I love this series sooo much and i hope mark will get his happy ending with Lexie. the stuff with Alex was really good. that's how you get treated when you betray your friends but i loved that scene when he told Christina that they should forgive him cause they are all he has got. Really for all those years all the "Originals" have been through a lot together and i love their friendship. Missed the show a lot :)))


How abt the scene where Mer tells Owen that she was raised by a "Christina" and that if Christina where to have the baby... resenting the baby wud kill her bec she's kind and she cares!! That was actually the scene of the day for me!!!


You guys need to remember that the Chief is responsible for pretty much destroying Meredith's childhood. She covered for him when he started drinking again. She risked everything so that Adele would get the treatment. The Chief giving up his job to save Meredith's career is the least he could do. Remember in the season 6 finale, the Chief's speech to Gary Clark, "I've lived my life. I'm ready to meet my creator." or something along those lines. The Chief has lived his life to the fullest. He's been to hell and came back. He has nothing to lose. So he willingly steps in and takes the fall so that Meredith doesn't have to. I thought it was brilliant! I really don't understand why people are so angry with Cristina. We've known this character for 7 years and we've loved her every episode. We pretty much knew she was going to get the abortion the minute she found out she was pregnant. If she decided to keep the baby, she would be a totally different character. I'm not saying that I support abortion. I don't actually. But I don't expect people who don't want children to all of a sudden change their mind once they get pregnant. And I certainly don't expect women to get their tubes tied if they don't want children. Men don't get vasectomies if they decide they don't want children. That's freaking ridiculous! And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with adopting a baby. I don't think it is any bit inferior to having your own child. So just like how Derek needs to finally forgive Meredith because she is his freaking WIFE, you guys need to get over the idea that MerDer have their own baby. It took Meredith forever to finally find the man she loves. It took her forever to realize she wanted to marry that man. She never even wanted a baby and it took her forever to realize she even wanted a baby. I think that's the bigger picture. Meredith wants a baby and right now, Zola is the only baby she wants. So stop whining about how she needs to get her own baby and instead hope that MerDer get Zola back! (Come on guys, seriously? We know they will! They have too!) Oh my gosh, I love this show! haha Just sharing my thoughts. Please don't yell at me! :D


Great Acting By All - Need To Get Mer/DerBack Soon - They Are The Show And Shonda Please Help To Get Them To Stay On - We Need Them Together And In Love As Before And We Need Them To Stay And Carry On This Great Series, Hopefully For Another Two Years - They Need Their Happiness Back, Their Own Child Along With Zola. Loved The First Two Episodes - Great Writing Shonda, Just Get Der To Be Happy Again - And - SOON!!!!!!


Christina actually went through with the abortion... Another poster said this, and I totally agree - If Christina didn't/doesn't/never will want children, she should have had her tubes tied. Further, if she didn't/doesn't/never will want children, she shouldn't have married Owen, who wants to be a father, in the first place. Time for a new love interest for Owen. Christina doesn't deserve him.


Thought the abortion scene was tasteless I didn't care for it. She should just get her tubes tied if she doesn't want kids abortions are for stupid teenagers who get pregnant not grown, mature women who should know how not to get pregnant. Jackson should hook up with April there is more chemistry there then what he has with Lexie.


I didn't love it or hate it, but it was definietly better than any of the show of season 7. I get Derrek being mad at meredith, but come he was acting like a complete ass. I also don't like them adopting, so sue me, I just would rather see them have there own baby. And finally Owen accepting Christina for who she is, I think that was my favorite part when Meredith told Owen that Christina was Ellis, she knew she did not want kids, only carred about being a surgeon. I absolutely love what the Chief did for meredith, he is definietly a surrogate father for Meredith. I absolutely HATE April, the show definietly could lose her. Was glad to see Bailey back to herself, although did not like her hatred towards Meredith. Better start.


I want merder to be back again. Seems that Derek is more pissed off with meredith after the "Zola kidnapping" episode. But i wonder if they will get back together in order to have Zola back. I wish Zola comes back to them.


I have to agree. Bailey is her old Bailey self. NO ONE should baby Meredith over what she did. Yes, it was nice, for Adele. Not for anyone else. Not for her, Derek, Zola, the Chief, who is giving up his JOB for her. The whole point of the trial was that Derek loved Meredith so much that he wanted to find a way to prevent her from suffering from Alzheimer's (and believe me guys, patients do SUFFER, especially early onset). The fact that she did anything to ruin that trial just throws all that loving hard work in Derek's face. He has a right to be upset. He has a right to be upset longer than five measily days. Should it end them? No. But Derek definitely has every reason not to trust her, and it might take her a while to earn his trust back.

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