Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

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Now this, TV Fanatics, is what I call a solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy

"She's Gone” was the second hour of GA premiere night, and it definitely delivered. An intense case, tension and drama between the doctors, and relationship development. This is exactly how I like my Thursday evenings. 

Jackson, Cristina, Alex and April

Goodbye Zola. Looks like Meredith’s disappearing act, on top of lying about her job, caught up with her. Social Services came and took our precious MerDer McBaby away from us. All I’m saying is, she better give her back. The Derek being pissed storyline needs to go, but Meredith will not be able to lose Zola on top of everything else. This will put her at a whole new level of dark and twisty. 

Alex stepping up for Meredith was a class act. Granted, it’s the least he can do, but there is nothing better than when Alex the Underdog shines like he did. 

Jackson is the Gunther. Who knew? Avery remained calm and cool throughout the Gunther test. Now if only we could get his shirt off more often, he might move up the ranks as favorite resident. 

Dealing with the Unexpected. The Cristina/Owen/Baby arc is a touchy subject for a network show to cover. Without getting into details/opinions of the situation, let’s just say this gave Sandra Oh another chance to excel. It also provided the best quote of the hour:

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a nice stump so you could get prosthesis. | permalink
C-Yang Action

Chief Webber? More like Best Faux Dad/Best Boss Ever. Time and time again the Chief has gone out of his way to protect Meredith and here he did it again. Although I could sense it was coming, I couldn’t have been more pumped when he insisted that it was Mer protecting him and he tampered with the clinical trial. He’s almost at the end of his career, so he doesn’t have much to lose, but the way he cares for Meredith, he would have done this anytime for her. 

“You Crazy B*tch!” Put your hands up if you thought that Christina accidentally stabbing Karev was a highlight of this episode!! It was a classic Grey’s moment in an episode that was otherwise filled with tension and worry.

Bailey's New Haircut

On a side note, Lexie and Jackson need to end things. They barely had any scenes together and he has much more chemistry with April. Jackson needs to go ahead and get on the new Chief Resident, sending Little Grey back into the arms of the Mark. By the way, Sloan is officially the HOTTEST DILF ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Premiere night is officially over and we have been served with two solid episodes of our favorite doctor drama. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Glad Alex has worked things out with his friends or should he still be exiled? Should Mer and Der get Zola back? Sound off below and then head over to the quotes section to check out the best from the Grey’s Anatomy two hour premiere.

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I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't quite know what to expect after the horror that was season 7, but so far, I like the new season. I will say though that I thought a lot of people were out-of-character. Derek was a giant ass, Mer taking Zola, Bailey suddenly hating Mer like they were never friends. Mark is officially boring and useless. He used to be funny and witty as the ass who tortured his residents and inturns. Now it's just pathetic. And Eric Dane has to get rid of that mustache, it looks hideous. I was SO happy when Alex and Meredith fixed their friendship, because I've said it before and I'll say it again; Alex is NOT to blame for what happened, and I got really sick and tired of everybody on the show acting like he was, and still treating Mer like she was the golden girl. That final scene, with Alex comforting Mer, taking her away from all the people, was beautiful. Owen was so mature, and so understanding. He finally understood that Cristina is not, nor will she ever be a mother, and he even came with her to abort the baby. Having said that; this little storyline was RIDICULOUS. For someone who doesn't wanna have kids, Cristina sure allows herself to get pregnant a lot. And ot have her get pregnant and just abort the baby, was a painful scene, because I guess it's Shonda's way of saying "more feminisme to you!".


I loved Callie end Arizona& Sofia Arizona is a loving mom now and so cute.
Owen glad he stood by Christina en support her.
Derek what a ass.
Bailey loved the interaction with Webber.
And give mark a new love.
Can wait to see the rest of season 8.


I dont understand why people are mad at Baily. They just mad because she said the truth about what Meredith did. She is her mentor, her teacher she has the right to be mad and disappointed. Also all this hatred for Derek, he had the right to be mad at her, she mess with the trial and now for her stupidity they may lose Zola. You just mad becuase you all think that poor saint Meredith cant do anything wrong! Doing something good in the wrong way it is still wrong. I mean any person have the common sense to not take a baby from the daycare and disappear without telling anyone. She just made their situation worse. She has a tendency to sabotage her own life, she needs a lot of therapy. Maybe the writers can do a SL about that. Anyway love this episode. Glad to see Owen been there for Cristina. They are the best couple on this show. Love this episode!!!!


A very good double-episode. I loved the sinkhole story line. It was good to finally have a natural disaster episode. Derek was somewhat irritating, but it's okay. He'll get by. I was a little taken by for what Bailey was feeling towards Meredith and the hate she was displaying towards her. Other than that, I am glad she got the trial. The chief was very noble this episode. As much as it sucks that I know he's not gonna be the chief anymore (I'm gonna find it hard to get used to another chief.) Alex is finally redeemed. Him trying to fix what he broke with Meredith the entire episode was nice to watch, but what was better was that it paid off. The 2 hours for this episode was time well spent.


disappointed... sick and tired to see lexie and jackson. Mark.. any new woman for her. What is wrong being a father and why he is all alone.. while callie and her wife has the happiness? Alex.. forget it man, he is just ungrateful man. Cristina.. finally she is back.. for god sake..just end it if it is need to be ended..


@Dr.CerrenoMD I don't think she should give him a child, at all. He supported her because he realizes that she doesn't want to be a mother, doesn't want to have children. She wants to be a surgeon- the best surgeon. Like Mer said, she had a Christina as a mother, and the child would not benefit. He came to the understanding (imo, ymmv, etc) that bringing a child into their marriage would be no good for the child. @ everyone else- I loved the episode- I have to admit that I was completely skeptical that Christina would even have an abortion.
Over the hiatus, I kept coming around to the story that Christina told (George? Dead Dads club, maybe?) someone about her father dying while she was right there, that he died while she had her hand on his chest- something. I thought that perhaps she'd have a total breakdown and say she didn't want to be a parent because of that, losing a parent, and not wanting to potentially do that to a child....
I thought maybe if she didn't go thru with the abortion, and did it that way it might not be total character assassination.
Maybe I'm totally off base, I don't know. LOL! I'm just as happy the way they resolved it. Owen came around to understanding her point of view, understanding HER, which was important to me. As far as MerDer, well.....he runs when people don't fit into the boxes he has them in. I hope they can figure it out, and make it believable, because I'm not so happy with either of them. Maybe Meredith felt coerced into doing it, but she was wrong. Derek was wrong, too. He should't have run, especially with Zola in the picture. tl;dr, I know. LOL!


I agree the second ep had me more than the first!!! but KUDOS to shonda, the director and the people who made the sink hole happen... It was amazeballs!!!!! WOWW!!!!!
I liked that they didn't have too many intersecting patient story lines and it was just about the couple and the father and his child. Derek is an ass!!! even though he didn't rat out the scheme that Christina cooked up... I hope a wild jackalope eats him in the woods... Shonda didn't lie when she said that the Christina story line would end in a suprise. Never saw Owen accepting it. I thought it a possibility but didn't think it would end that way. I hope that by 8X24 she gives him a child. Cuz any man who can stand by their wife having an abortion needs something to make up for that, and I hope Christina realises that. Ugh, I really thought April would be the Gunther, she should have taken hold of the situation instead of leaving it to Jackson... Doesn't he have his good looks going for him.... As I think back, Mer has been through so much... her life needs to get back on track... And Bailey better be nice to her, cuz bailey never gave up on Izzy and how much of a difference were the events???


Love that the episode was focused on the old cast! Every Christina/Meredith moment was just briliant and the speech that Meredith gave to Owen gave me goosebumbs. Best thing she said in a while! And I'm proud of this series that Christina is allowed to do the "unforgivable". Derek is sooo annoying! I find him a bigger jerk than even Alex! Btw. Alex/Christina/Meredith scenes were epic too! I can't be mad with him for long. I just love him too much! So now I guess we are once again looking out for a new Chief^^ Must say this ist't surprising at all!
Great start!


Tired of Derek and his rightousness. Please. It's always about him. No wonder Dr. Montgomery had an affair. Even McSteamy has turned out to be more of a mensch. Hope Jackson and Little Gray stay together. I don't like her with Mark. Life for her would be so boring tagging along with Mark, two women and a baby that isn't hers. April as Chief Resident? Seriously??? She's incompetent. She couldn't do anything outside the box. And, she killed a woman so how did she become CR? Do the writers think we don't remember earlier epis? There were some powerful scenens-Mer and Owen, all the Mer and Cristina, Mer and Alex and Cristina and Owen. Wow!!! Powerful stuff.


I waited a long time for these two episodes and sadly, I was disappointed. Mer: Totally out of character. She was too unstable and inconsistent throughout the episode.
Der: Jerk needs to get over himself. Change him back to loving Mer or I will depart the show.
Bailey: Whoa, hate Mer?
Chief: Yeah, he fell on the sword for Mer, it was honorable. I'm gonna miss him as Chief.
Alex: Finally redeemed.
April: Go away
Lexie: Go away
Mark: Find some mischief so I can laugh.
Cristina: Hands down the champion of the episode.
Owen: I am beginning to like him more and more.
Teddy: I like her in love with Henry. Why do I know Henry won't make it?
Jackson: Take off your shirt, pose, then go away.
Zola: Adorable baby! I don't know if it was bad writing,lack of direction or running out of storylines for all the characters but the episode left something yet to be disired.

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