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Three hours into Season 8 and there is no doubt, Grey’s Anatomy is back.

The recipe is the same from the beginning: complicated relationships, great friendships, and heart-wrenching cases. This is exactly how I like my Thursdays, tied up in a perfectly wrapped Grey bow. Corny, I know, but I had to go there.

A Bright Shade of Grey

So let’s get to it. "Take the Lead” was exactly that. The fifth-year residents got their first solo surgeries and took steps to mend their relationships. Others let go of their lead and some were just MIA.

Have Fun Teaching Skills Labs, Goober. The cases were the best part about this episode, hands down. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it leads to Sloan calling Jackson a goober and Cristina and Teddy forgetting the basics. Avery was the loser by forfeit. Guess the Gunther thing only lasted a week.

Awaiting Instructions

Chief Dr. Webber. Well, that’s that. Webber stepped down in light of the Meredith situation and named Owen his replacement. Bailey = pissed. Not only is she angry about him taking the fall for Mer, but now he has someone else fill his shoes? I would have totally chosen Bailey. Just saying. The upside? Bossy Bailey Is Back. Webber does seem much happier though, doesn’t he?

How Do We Fix This? Relationships were on the mend tonight and it’s about time. After some awkward moments, Cristina and Owen shared food poisoning on the bathroom floor. Nothing like a bad spring roll to ease the pain. This scene was flawless.

Meredith and Derek was no McDreamy during surgery, leading to a big fight at home. To play devil's advocate, you can see where he is coming from. Maybe they can’t work together because the trust is gone, but I was glad to see Derek admit he won’t walk away from Mer. Now we wait on the news for Zola. Honestly, I won’t be devastated if she doesn’t return. Will you?

Jackie Picture
Other thoughts...
  • Where is Lexie? She made a brief appearance last week and wasn’t even mentioned tonight. What’s the deal Little Grey?
  • Minimal usage of Callie, Arizona, and Sloan. As much as I love me some McSteamy, I am really enjoying the focus on the original characters.
  • April are starting to grow on me.
  • Next week will be an episode form the boys’ point of view. Good idea or bad? I’m thinking AMAZING. Watch the promo HERE.
April K.
So another solid episode coming out of Seattle Grace. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Lexie or not even notice she was gone? Is it time Derek stops being angry? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Take The Lead."


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I'm hoping that the writers don't put Alex and April together as a couple. I got that feeling after watching last nights episode. Even as cr April is still annoying and acts like a four year old. Right now, there is no one else for Alex to romance, but April is a poor choice. I don't understand why the part of Izzie Stevens can't be played by another actor if KH refuses to return to the show. Of course, maybe KH might not be welcome back to GA. I do miss her and the chemistry between her and Alex. He seems lost without Izzie. I can't understand why he was so angry in last nights episode. I must have missed something.


@Spindae That scrub nurse is the nurse consultant for the show. Her name is Bokey! I loved this episode! Especially the huge fight at the end. I get where Derek is coming from. I get where Mer is. Der may not be "McDreamy" atm but he's definately grown - last time he stopped trusting his wife he kicked her out of the house! I'm so glad he's willing to stay and make the effort to work it out.


A really great eppy and I can just agree with all the praise given here. I just wanted to point out to someone who said Meredith has never messed up in the O.R. - she has, actually, when she dropped the kidney and when her glove popped and she touched a patient's heart. I agree with you overall, though, she's very solid in the O.R and rarely makes mistakes. I love that there was a cleft baby on the show tonight. In opposite to the patient that was supposed to have Treacher Collins syndrome in a previous season, this looked very accurate. Not sure I liked Arizona's ramble about how the baby would be made fun of, never getting married etc just because of his looks - sure, there's a risk for it, but it's not set in stone like she made it out to be. Loved, loved, loved Meredith and Derek's talk, and that the scene was allowed to take time and space. Loved how Derek referenced to the post-it, but can also appreciate that he's having a hard time with it right now. It's not just Meredith's one mistake with Adele. I can see that he can't trust her at work. She's a good surgeon, but she takes risks and does things after her own head, and that hasn't changed in all seasons. I think it's a fair consequence that she's getting off his service, and probably something they both need to survive. It's gonna be very interesting to see what other specialty she goes into. My best guess is general. She has assisted Bailey in a lot of general surgery procedures for several seasons now. Someone else suggested that Dr. Webber might take her under his wings, and that sounds very probable, I think. I also wanted to address that many people think Bailey is unneccessarily angry at Meredith. Someone said that she let Izzie slip by although she stole a patient's heart. I just want to say that while Bailey eventually grew fond of Izzie again, she was sooo mad at her in the beginning of season 3. She didn't want her as an intern. She let her do slack work for fifteen episodes (before the Chief let her operate again). So while the personal reasons might be a greater deal of her anger now, her behavior isn't uncharacteristic. She raised her babies better than this.


I didn't even notice Lexie was gone.
I'm glad that we're not seeing much of the other characters.
I'm glad that it's focusing on the original 6 (out of the 9) left, with the addition of Jackson and April.
No, I'm NOT a huge fan of them, but they're friends with the Meredith, Cristina and Alex, therefore, I'll accept them.
I'm glad bossy Bailey is back and I hope it sticks. I've missed her attitude. I'm glad the Chief stepped down, as now we will get to see more of his character at home with Adele AND working more around the hospital.
I wish Meredith and Derek would hurry up and fix things. I get that every marriage has it's bumps, but they had many of bumps throughout seasons 1-5.
As for Owen and Cristina, as much as I loved the awkward moments and ending of the episode of them laughing and gazing into each others eyes, I wanna see heads roll about the abortion.
On a final note, did anyone else notice the look April gave Alex towards the end of the episode, when she defended him to Jackson? I have a feeling April will help Alex through his dark place this season.


After thought: Loved Derek and the post it. Meredith used it now it's Derek's turn.


This episode was so classic Grey's Anatomy. Loved Cristina and Teddy doing the eppy. Meredith nailing her surgery. Felt a little sorry for Avery missing out on the cleft surgery, but you could figure out he would with Arizona egging him on. April and Alex look like they are becoming good friends. Loved the chat with April and Callie. Season 8 looks like it will be a beaut. We are into episode 3 and I'm looking forward to the day I can buy it on DVD and watch all the behind scenes, and the blooper reel. In a word episode 3 was AWESOME.


soo lovin the episode tonight±±±± more of MERDER±±±!

Greys anatomy 1 fan

@ lexi i did ask myself where she was but it was still a good episode
@ derek yes he should shutup and work with his wife and good that he didnt run but he kinda did.DiD he?????
@ mer glad she got her job back


If it gets Messy than it's GREY! The show got his dynamic back and it is a lot more interesting!
I loved the first April office scene ! OUR office!
Love the Girls Gossiping about Mer and totally disagreeing with Webers move!
I love the way teddy treats Christina, and that is what Christina needs! A Parent figure not an allow her everything! Love the way Christina handled the interns for her advantage! And she screwed uP but Teddy hahahahahah! Yes!
I love Bailey Bitchin all over the place like in old times!
And Kapner will get all dirty with Alex, there was some nice bounding!
The surgeries were amazing! Really funny and Intense!!
I don't know if anyone noticed the nurse which always is working with Derck and Mer The one with the glasses! She is so sweet she is always there I think from the begging I


GA is not only back, it's back with vengeance. everything that was lacking last season is not back full force, i actually feel a whiplash because i was deprived of our core players for so long. McBastard in that OR, and i am not even glad that he said that he won't be walking away, to be honest after the crap he said and how he behaved, and not for the first time might i add, i kinda wanted him out of the pic, i want her to go on and have Zola without him.
keppner is still annoy but maybe just a tad less this week. Avery. Avery, Avery, the min i think there is more to this guy than good looks, he cowards out of sth and gives up. bad move boy, of course Arizona was sneaky about her attack but stand your grand and tell her to stop talking.
i love Karev who wouldn't be himself if he wasn't a douche-bag to sb, that character is very complex, he manages to have the best intentions most of the time and shows them in the worse possible ways. our core three characters are all such dark and twisty, not just Mer, that it fabulous.
Glad Lexie was out. i don't care for her character, keppner at least annoys me, that is an emotion whereas Lexie is complete background noise for me. i didn't even notice she wasn't there until i read it in the review.
If Bailey gets angry she stays angry for a while, as glad as i am that we are getting her back the bossy way that she was, i just hope that she won't hate Mer that much, seriously, the way she was to Mer on the premier irked badly, she of all people should understand why Mer did that. yes she was wrong but Bailey cares for the chief and his wife, they are like family to her so she shouldn't be half so hateful towards Mer.
now if they could just manage to balance the focus a little so that we would also get some more Arizona+Callie+Mark action, it would be perfect. but i am sure that now Karev is serious about peds so we will get Arizona when he is interacting with her.
Way to go GA, last season i was on the verge of quitting now i am as addicted as i was through seasons 1,2,3,4,5.

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