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1. The MerDer scene at the end when Derek says "That is why I'm here" and points at the post-it.
2. April is really annoying, she's too much of a pushover to be Chief Resident.
3. He didn't do it for Meredith, he did it because Meredith helped Adele.
4. Teddy and Christina
5. I see hookup, but they're no Alex and Izzie. It'll be like Alex and Lexie, a filler.


1. my favorite was the ending with meredith and derek when referred to the post-it. i had chills. i was cute and i loved it.
2. april doesnt bother me anymore. she grew on me. she was actuallyt funny this episode when they were all in her office.
3. webbers idea was for his wife and for meredith because she did it for him and he doesnt want her carreer ti fall apart. and he did for adele.
4. the appy it was soo funny cause they didnt know how to finish it. and the nurse had to tall them. HAHA.
5.they should just be friends. i like them as friends. she is wayy to perky for him even tho izzie was she is like a hwole new kind of perky.

great episode ! back to the goood ole dayss of greys


1. Fav scene! Last scene with Owen and Christina! So natural so real! I really felt with them! :D
2.April! She is really annoying, and i doesn't liked she is a Izzie-like type of person. But really insecure in opposite to Izzie! If she would be there from the begging she wouldn't be so boring! But she gets into it! I love how she athers them into a Unit and The actress I love her!
3.Webber! The decision to stop being chief is because of Adele, he finally relized what's important in live! And graps for it! I love Richard, he played the PapaBear for 7 years and it's time for someonne to step into his foot step! And gives Bailey place to evolve!
4.Case! I loved every single one! But the best background story had Alex and April's patient!
5. She is a type of Izzie who pushes him to be a better man! And he loves that! I see them hook up, but no endgame!

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