Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Karev's Family, Calzona's Babysitter

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Is the drama finally over for Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy?

Possibly in terms of whether or not their relationship will survive, but there will still be bumps in the road. For example, a three-day medical conference early in the season, according to a TV Line report.

Why would that be an issue? Because it leaves Mark in charge of babysitting the baby! Michael Ausiello writes that "they may end up regretting that decision big-time." What do you think Mark does?

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Regarding Alex Karev, whose brother we met in a recent season, don't be surprised Shonda Rhimes introduces a few more members of Alex's largely MIA family in what could be Justin Chambers' last year.

What other family members would you like to meet, if any - from the Karev family or any other character? Those drop-ins usually make for solid episodes. Share your Grey's Anatomy family wish list with us below.

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Ummm...we didn't get any of Alex's family this season....that upsets me.


I want to meet karev's family, especially his mother and his sister amber... I think this is be sad drama. And I want to know about his chilhood.... May be this is being a good story....


Don't let this be Justin Chambers last year. He keeps the storyline interesting. He's a very good actor.


Honestly I don't even care who turns up from Alex's past this year, I just want him to finally get some happiness! I mean it's been seven seasons of just crap relationship after crap relationship for him and he's such a good guy at heart that he deserves to finally have a good story line. I really liked Dr. Fields and she seemed like a good match for Alex, so I hope that they end up together, but in the end I don't care if he ends up with a girlfriend, a kid he never knew about, or heck, even a puppy! I just want him to get some happiness.


Oh, Alex. He is my favorite character on the show, and it pains me to think of him being ostracized from the other doctors-- dumb, drunken mistake notwithstanding. I would LOVE to see more of his family and hear even more about his tragic childhood. I for one would like to see his junkie dad make a reappearance- that would make for some terrific drama!!!


I would love to see Alex's family, especially his Mom and his sister as I would like to know more about Alex's back story. I would also like to see Cristina's step father.


I personally wouldn't mind seeing some of Teddy, Mark, or Owen's family


i love Alex and just want to see him finally happy, not with all the hurt, someone who completely and utterly has faith and trust in him and doesn t let him down.......


I think we should meet Alex's sister, maybe on a college tour visit to Seattle. Also thinking that Lexi and Meridith's sister, Molly, should come back. She has an (Army)husband and a child; maybe one of them will be sick or need surgery. I'd also like to meet the rest of Derek's sister.


I think that it would be nice to meet the whole Karev family, mother, father, and the sister.

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