Hart of Dixie Season Premiere Review: The Comforts of Bluebell

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I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the Hart of Dixie premiere and wrote a review of the Alabama-based CW series a couple weeks ago. Read my extended thoughts on it HERE.

To summarize: the pilot was filled with a great deal of exposition, but Bluebell is clearly an interesting, comfortable place in which to reside and also to set a show. I adore the cast and look forward to spending a lot more time down south with Zoe, George and company.

Vote in the poll below and then check out the official Hart of Dixie preview for next week's "Parades and Pariah."

Lavon Hayes and Zoe

What did everyone else think of the premiere?

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I watched ALL the previews and interviews on the CW & that pretty much summed up the first episode minus finding out about Lemon & Levon. That was a major twist. I'm def excited to see the next few eps. I know it got weak ratings but I LOVED IT and hope it does better next week


I simply watched it for the fact that Rachel Bilson is in it. And I must say that she has my sold for her character and the show itself. Count me in as a regular viewer! :D


I couldn't wait to finally watch this show and I must say: It's better than I imagined. :) Rachel is perfect for this role, the characters are interesting and I adore the setting. Can't wait to see more and I really hope it doesn't get cancelled.


i can't say i am hooked but the show is relaxing enough to be easy watch. it's sweet and smooth. i going to watch it when i need to relax and go some place else where i won't need to worry about how things will turn out, it's a safe bet with this show that eventually the conflicts will be resolved and good will concur evil. so i am up for the ride through the life in the south. it is a good way to change the everyday crazy pace of a big city life once a week.
the show does a pretty good job setting the atmosphere and there is nothing on the show to irritate the eye.
So, Sweet Home Alabama, got me.
btw, i love Scott Porter, ever since i saw him in the good wife, he is the reason i gave this show a try in the first place.


I love this show. I have been waiting for this since I first heard a about it in the spring. It did not disapoint me one bit. I love Rachel Bilson, she is perfect for this part. Can't wait to see more!


great pilot!! the plot's interesting. i've loved Rachel Bilson since The O.C. i thought it lived up to my expectation!!!


I loved it! It's a really lovely show! The best premier on CW this fall and one of the best pilot I saw!
Rachel is doing a great job and the part of Zoey really reminded me on Season 4 Summer strong and determined! The sarcastic ironic story behind a scared little girl really has something interesting! The little girl with daddy issues made in such a great story!
The only real mistake they made is that they've rushed through the first part "How she got there part"!
Rachel is really hitting it of with all male characters and I love the mayor!! And his big brother role could turn to be something more!
Jamie King! Girl how can U speak so weird all the time! No offense(I'm from Serbia and listening to this accent is real funny )!! but it must be really hard for her to pull it of ! And Taylor Swift as back music come on!!!!!
I liked the twist with the mayor/Lemon possible backstory! Can make things interesting!
A character to watch for is the little reporter girl, Rosie!


Loved it! I can't wait to watch more. Rachel Bilson is just adorable as Zoey. I'll definitely be adding this to my list of shows to watch. It reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama and all the old shows on the WB that I grew up watching.

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I see right through your donut Gainey, there's a hole!


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