Hawaii Five-O Episode Trailer: An Exchange of Agents?

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Hawaii Five-O wasted no time throwing viewers back into its dangerous tropical waters this week. What did you think of the season two premiere?

Looking ahead, the series will introduce Tom Sizemore as Internal Affairs Captain Vince Fryer next week, as he continues his interrogation of Kono. Elsewhere, Lori Weston is assigned to the team to keep an eye on McGarrett. Keep an eye out for her superior profiling skills.

And check out the official trailer for "Ua Lawe Wale" below. Isn't it nice to have Hawaii Five-O back in our lives?!?


Personally, I really like Lori as a character. But I truly do not want Steve dating her. Their chemistry is... not what it could be. I'm not that attracted to Steve (Chin and Danny are my style) so it's not like it would "shatter my fantasy," but him dating Lori would definitely upset team dynamics. He can date whomever he wants, just PLEASE no one on the team (same goes for the others).


stop messing with the great chemistry of the cast. we dont need new cast members to stay interested in the show. just keep the writing and the action good and focus on the dynamics of the existing team, which people already love.


CBS must not want Lori Weston to succeed. She was introduced as a potential love interest for Steve, which will instantly get his fans up in arms. And about 7 episodes into shooting, there is nothing happening. Did they change their minds? The original photo of the actress makes her look like 16-year-old Laurie Partridge. Steve is supposed to fall for a minor? She's supposed to be a female McGarrett and she's a Homeland Security agent. She doesn't look old enough to be out of high school. And, she's put into a starring role, forced upon the Fab 4 fans, without even trying her out first. Good way to get the fans against her already, even though she hasn't even been on. Add the idea that she may edge Kono out, and she's toast.


No potential love interest,no new girl friend please!!!Isn't there anything else worthy of watching except'love affair'?Come on!!!!!!!!!


They are not replacing Kono. They are just giving her a plot arc, with much drama and angst to it, apparently. That is a good thing. And McGarrett has a Navy girlfriend already, apologies to fantasies everywhere. But perhaps they are going to move him into a new relationship over time. That Catherine actress may have gotten a better job. But you expect McGarrett to not be able to attract a girlfriend? That really WOULD be unrealistic. Just sayin'.




It would be a huge mistake to replace Kono with Lori Weston. It would never work for fans!

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