Hawaii Five-O Episode Trailer: An Exchange of Agents?

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Hawaii Five-O wasted no time throwing viewers back into its dangerous tropical waters this week. What did you think of the season two premiere?

Looking ahead, the series will introduce Tom Sizemore as Internal Affairs Captain Vince Fryer next week, as he continues his interrogation of Kono. Elsewhere, Lori Weston is assigned to the team to keep an eye on McGarrett. Keep an eye out for her superior profiling skills.

And check out the official trailer for "Ua Lawe Wale" below. Isn't it nice to have Hawaii Five-O back in our lives?!?

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Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Max: Ohhhhhh
Joe: You need a paper bag or something?
Max: Sorry, this place is like my Graceland.

No argument Joe. We tried it your way, now we try it my way.