Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ua Lawe Wale"

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Ua Lawe Wale: Taken without right.

The second offering of the season helped us fall back into the familiar rhythm with Five-O, as Steve and the team investigated a girl who was "Ua Lawe Wale."

What happened to Lt. Commander Joe White? There was no mention of Terry O'Quinn character that appeared last week to help Steve get his unit back together, despite the heavy advertising push by CBS.

Lauren German on Hawaii Five-O

In other news, who expected to hate Detective Lori Weston as the Governor’s watch dog? Now, raise your hand if you really liked her by the end of the episode? Okay, good. Me too.

I’m not going to jinx her and say she should be a full-time member, but I will say she brings a very nice element to the team with her background.  It doesn’t hurt for Five-O to tap into some of the other CBS shows out there and pull in an ex-FBI profiler. Hey Steve, I hear Gina Lasalle’s profiling team was disbanded; maybe you could give her a call if Lori doesn’t work out. I'll vouch for her. 

Lauren German brings a very sultry mix to the table. From having her hair up when it's "go time" and kicking ass, to having her hair down and looking alluring walking into the office, she actually reminds me a lot of Melinda Clarke (Amanda on Nikita) with her ability to be sexy in almost any setting. (Need an example? Raise your eyes.)

I'm really curious where they are going with Kono. First, she walked into her house where the Captain of Internal Affairs was flipping through her yearbook. Then, if that wasn’t creepy enough, he turned around and ended as the ultimate Haole: Tom Sizemore.

Tom Sizemore on Hawaii Five-O

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sizemore’s work. But from Steve and Danny, to Lt. Governor Sam Denning, and now Sizemore, we haven't had one Hawaiian native in charge of any high profile departments.

I'm sure if we put our minds to it, we could suggest half a dozen actors who are (or appear to be) Samoan that could have played the hard-nosed Internal Affairs Captain just as well as Sizemore. Dwayne Johnson, anyone?

It’s going to be interesting to see where Kono's path takes her. Now that she has been completely ejected from the police force, Five-O and the State prosecutor is taking the case to move forward, she has some work ahead of her. But she has a strong family (Steve, Danny, Chin Ho, to name a few) and she could come out of all of this a stronger person.  

Finally, we had the departure of Jenna Kaye, who I just knew the entire episode was going to be discovered as the traitorous bitch she is before she left. Sadly, I was wrong. But after she mentioned her fiancée might be alive, it made me wonder if she was blackmailed into helping Wo Fat. I'm sure this is not the last we have seen of her. 

What did you think of the episode? Did you miss O’Quinn? Did you like Lori Weston? Is there someone else who should have played Captain Frye?

** Check out the official Hawaii Five-O promo for next week's introduction of Billy Baldwin now!


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Among the many other things wrong with this episode... no more tie for Danny?? That's his trademark! And Steve in button downs and hawaiian shirts? Can't they even leave the wardrobe alone??


As a military veteran, why is Steve still in the Navy (Commander), but NCIS was not involved in his arrest case? I believe he is "on loan," but truthfully, he is then still in the military! And I agree as to why Kono went into an IA hearing without union representation.....finally, why is Jenna leaving before they realize her back-stabbing affiliation with the former governor's killer...it would have been more believable if she hadn't bailed and they found her out.....


Is CBS making Steve hide his tats.
Also get your new ex. producer Steve Boyem to get some of his great action into your stories!
Cowboys cases planes only works for the Big Screen! "Cowboys vs Aliens?"


Lori's one good line was a recycle, AND she stopped the horsegument. Not happy. Bromance was non-existent. Steve acting like a teenager ogling Lori was pathetic. If romance develops it's the end of the team. What will they do while Lori & Steve cuddle? Uck. Lori is too perfect and unreal. She can do it all, she does not need the rest of the team, give her a spinoff and give us our old show back.


reading the comments, it's starting to pull together...I'm thinking Kono is definetly undercover!! She better be, cause she's great with H5-0 and they better not get rid of her!!!


H50 started season 2 with too many cast changes/additionas. I am glad to see Jenna Kaye leaving, and would like Lori Weston to go. Her character does not add to the show, instead, she takes away from the Steve/Danny interaction. I would like them to keep Lt. Joe White, I think this character could add a lot. And keeping Kono is a given. (I get the new governor wanting to reign 5-0 in a bit, but if he continues on the track he was on last episode, he might as well make 5-0 a division of HPD, not a task force...lose the babysitter.)


It's all an act!! She is working something...since they aren't sure who to trust or not...gotta put on a show!! Five-0 are all in on it!!


Not happy at all about the Kono thing - doesn't make sense at all - they need to end this story line and get her reinstated and move on!

Mrs cleaver

Great review this week Jim. Love the increased number of comments this page has been getting with both your review and comments back to people. I like hearing other people's theories (Kono undercover?!)and agree that Steve and Danno had NO chemistry this week. Other than that one comment about them being married - we've heard before. What's up that?
Torn both ways on Jenna, the "blackmail" and the "leaving to work with him" theories both work for me - great ideas. I was actually sad to see her go. Since I didn't like Jenna in the beginning, I'll wait and reserve judgement on the new girl. Give Steve back his cargo pants.


What I thought weak was the whole Kono going into her hearing alone thing. I would think the policeman's union would assign her an attorney to represent her interests instead of throwing her to the wolves. All it did was provide another semi-tense moment for Chin and I.A. Not impressed.
Interested that the new girl is an ex-FBI profiler. With the NCIS Los Angeles cross-over planned later this year, can we hope for a Criminal Minds cross-over in the future???

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Kono: Who are you?
Fryer: You might want to sit down.

You broke my trust; there will be consequences as I said there would be.

Lt. Governor