House Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Meeting Odette Annable

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More and more information is spilling out about the House season premiere.

We know it will find House in jail. We know it will pick up about a year after events on the May finale. We know Jaleel White will portray a fellow inmate.

And we also know House will meet a doctor named Jessica Adams on the installment, titled "20 Vicodin." She'll be played by Odette Annable and she'll be misdiagnosing a patient on the premiere when she's surprised by the correction of a prisoner. Sorry, but it's not gonorrhea...

Perhaps the juiciest nugget to come out of this sneak peek, however? The words of another physician, who says of House: He used to be a doctor.

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It's never lupus.


The premiere leaked online somewhere. They have GREAT chemistry. It was only the first episode, but she's actually my favorite female character that's ever been on House (which speaks a lot for how much I dislike the others).


oh larwd.. this is just getting painful. Bring our HOUSE back and stop this inane plot ... I am so sick and tired of the writers need to either 'fix' him or 'punish' him - give the guy this vics and lets get on with it.


There was an ep in one of the seasons where it was lupus and they came up with a whole lot of other conditions.

Gaby ee

I can't really see House being anything BUT a doctor, though I have no idea how he'll get back to his feet.


I sincerely hope she is not gonna be another Cameron. She needs to be more than that...


It's never Lupus xD

Uncle jackass

I will admit that's pretty good chemistry between Hugh and Odette, reminds me of the the days between Cameron and House.

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People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it.


You save earwax.

Taub (to the patient)