How I Met Your Mother Creator Previews Return of Victoria

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How I Met Your Mother returned last night with a wedding, an anxious Barney and one - sorry, but it must be done - mother of an ending: Victoria is back!

Ted's ex-girlfriend, who has not been seen in six years and is played by Ashley Williams, will play a key role on next Monday's "Ducky Tie," as Ted attempts to make amends for cheating on her with Robin back in the day.

How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere Pic

“I don’t normally talk this way about episodes because there’s no bigger critic of our own work than me, but I think [the September 26 episode] is one of the best we’ve ever done,” creator Carter Bays tells TV Line. “I’m very excited about it.”

Bays says he and the team have always "wanted to see a little more" of Victoria and Ted's story, and that's exactly what we'll get in a few days.

"This episode is him taking steps to right this wrong that now, six years later, maybe doesn’t even need to be righted, but that’s just what makes him Ted... She’s bringing with her a little bit of wisdom that will become very important to Ted as the season goes on and as the series goes on."

Visit TV Line now to read more from Bays and sound off: Are you excited for Victoria's return?


A pfeecrt reply! Thanks for taking the trouble.


OMG it was so good to saw Victoria again :) And I was thinking 'season one was so so so so long time ago :S :S


Bring back round tables!


Victoria, Yes very interesting!
Did anyone else notice that the background music that was played was an old Kinks song called "Victoria" from their album "Arthur - Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire" (1969)
I was a senior in high school...memories!!


Really pleased Victoria is back. And apparently she's a fan favorite -- otherwise how come no one has forgotten her over the previous 6 seasons?


victoria was always my favourite!!! :DD i love her and i cnt wait!! but by the way hes talking about it, it doesnt seem like shes the mother :( i bet we havent even met the mother yet...


Well the past is the past... Hope she's only on one episode. Sorry


victoria was awesome but it is not her for 100%. ted should meet his future wife in barneys wedding + she was still in the college! Remember Cindy (Rachel Bilson), her roomate?


I always always wanted Victoria to be the mother. Always. I've been hoping she would come back. I know the creators had said if there was no season two, She would have been the mother. Ahhh she's perfect for Ted. And he did meet her at a wedding.

Anna maria

I wanted her to be the mother so bad!! But I guess it won't be her and we'll have to wait for Barney's wedding and the yellow umbrella to meet her..

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