How I Met Your Mother Review: "Ducky Tie"

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A man once said, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." That man was Kaiser Soze.

Well, How I Met Your Mother's very own usual suspect pulled off his greatest trick tonight on "Ducky Tie." For the years of training Marshall like Pavlov's dog, to the time spent across the river in Hoboken to hone his knife skills, I tipp my cap to Barney Stinson. Also because I'm sure he could fling a a piece of kobe beef into it on command.

The whole unraveling of the master plan with its twists and turns would have given M Night Shyamalan goose bumps. As if that wasn't enough Stin-sationalism, the Twitter jokes using slashtags were legendary as well. I was shocked, though, that Robin noticed Lily's breasts before he did, but perhaps it was all part of the plan. 

Wager On!

At first I was worried Marshall wrote a check Lily's body couldn't cash, but there was no default in the Lily-Fed as she was more than willing to live up to her obligation so long as Barney was also. The back and forth negotiation of the terms of the bet was one of the best exchanges on the show that I can recall and was definitely my favorite quote of the episode, all of which can be found here.

While the terms of the wager were being drawn, I loved how Robin kept segueing back to the Ted and Victoria story and how excited Ted was each time to continue making a long story longer, but still entertaining.

Robin was great tonight, whether it was smoothing things over for Ted at the Architects Ball, playing off Lily's loathing of Barney or throwing crackers at the Ducky Tie as the aforementioned wore it after losing the bet. She did try to get serious at one point  and reference that she wasn't doing so well with regard to past love, but then she noticed Lily's "cans." It served as a fresh reminder of the feelings she still has for Barney, however.

Victoria was right, the whole three amigos arrangement won't last, but she was mistaken about one thing: Ted does not end up with Robin, Barney does. Or at least that was the clear direction we were pointed in tonight, but it could of course be another head fake from the C&C Misdirect Factory. I have never been more confident, though, that the dynamic duo of Suitman and Robin will become a happily wedded reality after all, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer... hallelujah, holy sh-t, where's the Tylenol.

All the dinnertainment got me craving some MSG and now I have a headache, so I'll cut it off here. I hope you enjoyed the call back jokes like the "bang Bang" song as much as I did and weigh in on your thoughts about tonight's little wink wink, nod nod, from the show's writers.


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Neil Patrick Harris brought it BIG time in this episode and one of my favourite in season 7. Loved the Ted's story with the Victoria as well.
Enjoyable from beginning to end.


@Andi K What episode was that?


Calm down people, Robin was refered as aunt by Ted to his kids so many times; it would be a major fail to make her the mother at the end..


Watch the episode 5x12. the first one with Rachel Bilson.


I don't think so!! Alot of people assume that Barney will be with Robin but a previouse episode I flashed forward to Ted's kids drawings of their uncles (ie Robin, Barney etc) and Barney had a wife on the other hand the painting of Robin showed that she was single.

Anna maria

I liked it until the end bit! I don't want Ted with Robin!! She has to marry Barney!


I am the only one here who didn't like this episode. Loved it until the end. I can't STAND the thought of Robyn being the mother. I really hope they don't twist it around so that she is. I think Robyn should be with Barney. I hate that they are bringing the Robyn and Ted story up again. PLEASE don't make her the mother, my time will have been wasted haha.


Episodes like this are why i first fell in love with the show. It actually was funny...something i dont think himym has done for years. I havent seen an episode as good as this and that i enjoyed as much as this since like season 2. While it wasnt my favorite part of the epi i generally liked the victoria arc...although i wish it would have been a multiple episode arc.
thats something else i dont get why more shows dont do this [bring a character from earlier season back in the later season] because all the fans that recognize the character will get an "extra kick" out of it and as long as the writing is good anybody that doesnt recognize the character will just enjoy the storyline
And I knew the ted/robin/barney thing was going to have to come to a head soon [before the reveal in the epi] not really b/c i spotted any tension or anything but simply because it has become painfully obvious (at least to me) that the writers have NO IDEA what to do with robin when shes not involved with barney or ted...[kinda the same thing applies to lily with marshal]
@Michael I dont think the show is, even if this season is TERRIBLE(which im not really sure how likely that is, although im hoping it wont be and if this epi is any indication it def wont be) I would still give it at least another season (given the trends of the whats happened the past few season) not really because its that strong of a show (b/c lately it hasnt really been) but because as you can see from all doomed/canceled pilots/shows cbs doesnt appear to be trying to move away from the rom-com sitcom genre and I highly doubt cbs would kill off one of the biggest cash-cows for that genre


Loved it! One of the best HIMYM episode ever! This season has started of great :D


Anyone else feel like their getting ready to end the show

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Robin: Lily what on Earth is going on with your cans?
Lily: Oh these old thangs? I got my pregnancy boobs!

Duck duck gross!