How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere Review: A Wedding Wonderland

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Cleveland rocked, as a new season of How I Met Your Mother got underway this week.

"The Best Man" was maybe the best season opener I can recall for this series. The jam-packed premiere opened with Ted being summoned by Barney to warm his "cold feet." For all the comedy he brings to the show, Barney's softer side is just as important to his loveable character. The tie metaphor was very well done and culminated nicely when he asked Ted if he had, in fact, picked the right one.

It wouldn't be a memorable episode, though, without a healthy dose of Women According to Barney. From his counseling Ted on how to get laid at Punchy's wedding to his unveiling of his own new moves - like the Escaped Man Slaughterer - Barney dispayed mid-season form from the opening whistle.

Barney at a Wedding

What really had the scouts buzzing, however, aside from his amazing Guiness Book of World Records moment, were his moves on the dance floor, as he and Robin cut a rug to Deee Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart." It especially hit home with me, for in my youth, the knee slide into the "kip-up" off the floor was my go-to move at weddings.

Despite being put in the corner when their dirty dancing was broken up by Nora's phone call, Robin was at her best when she woefully counciled him on what to say. If there was one weak point of the episode, though, it had to be her "truth voice." While funny in concept, there was one too many flashbacks. Her conversation with Ted over cigars was redeeming at least.

I would be remiss if I did not mention my dislike of her new hair style. There is no bigger Scherbatsketeer than me, but her hair looked like Cosmo Kramer's did when he and Jerry's landlord turned down the water pressure. She needed the Commando 450 to get rid of that low-flow.

I still think it's our girl from the Great White North that Barney Suits Up with for the rest of his life, but until that comes to fruition, we luckily have Marshall and Lily to tug at our heart strings while also making us laugh. Pulling off the secret sober wife at a wedding is one of the all time hardest feats of friendship, so it didn't surprise me when Marshall and Lily broke down and told their friends the big news. I mean, who can resist knee dimples? We did get to enjoy Drunk Marshall for awhile, even if the "two flusher" faux pas was a bit of a let down.

Was it weird that the whole crew was invited to the wedding? Perhaps, but if his father-in-law-to-be was paying for everything it would not have been too out of the realm of Punchy's character to invite as many people as he could think of.

I'll cut myself off there before I go all Mosby and start emotionally rambling about what I felt was a very complete start to what I hope will prove to be a great season. We may not be close to the end, but as long as the writers keep feeding us enough "Mother" clues, I'm all for it.


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Marshall ruined the wedding?? Did you see the decorations the wedding was already ruined!!!


Barney is a chicken!! Good one Lilly!!!


I bebive Mosbious designs failed because the wedding guests spread the news that it was a rip off...Smart move tell people about your bussiness at a wedding!


The happy couple needs to her this!! Things end!! - If i belived in marriage i would let Ted do a toast at my wedding and talk some sense back to me!!


Untill she left me at the altar... P+oor Teddy...


@Fortyseven, she's a dead baddie on Warehouse 13. lol


Awesome episode :)


great recap. the commodore 45o - HA! and totally agree with that that hairstyle is the. worst. couple things that bugged me about a generally good episode = a) ted's "destiny" speech was complete cheese and reminded me of an after-school special. i know thats part of the show but still. lame-o. b) something was off on the dancing for me. maybe it was the hair. excellent recap as always. congrats to lily and marshall.


Elizabeth - the colors of the wedding were orange and brown for the Cleveland browns. Great first episode.


I don't get it.This show has stopped feeling funny and it's now ONLY about feelings.I mean it's great and all, but it's a stretch calling it a sitcom.

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Wow Marshall really took a two-flusher on that one!


Oh thank God! Barney Stinson needs you right before his wedding, you assume there's at least one dead stripper in the closet.