Janora McDuffie to Reprise Social Worker Role on Grey's Anatomy

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Janora McDuffie will return to Grey's Anatomy this fall as the social worker we met at the end of the spring. According to TV Line, she'll appear in the season premiere, then again in October.

Could that mean there's trouble ahead for Meredith, Derek and baby Zola?

Here's McDuffie in one of the many season premiere photos released by ABC last week. Grey's Anatomy is back with a two-hour episode (technically two episodes) September 22:

Der, Mer and Zola

When and if (probably when) Meredith and Derek patch things up remains to be seen, but look for McDreamy to continue to make progress on the long-awaited dream house in the country.

In fact, the fourth episode of the season - the “all boys episode” - finds several of his colleagues lending Dr. Shepherd a hand with construction. Now that's a scene we don't want to miss ...

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I, who am crazy obsessed with Grey's (and derlpateey trying to suck Christie in as well) say... NO. IT IS NOT TRUE. THEY WILL FIX IT ALL. And Derrek. Love. Like... Vulnerable love of LOVE. Mmm k.~Sarah


The less the best!! I don't want them losing Zola!!!!!!!!


So all Der's yelling about where Mer is and whether Zola is with her is after Janet has realised that things aren't good between MerDer. How can 8.02 end without Der giving Mer a big hug and reassuring her that he's not going to disappear again cos they've got problems. Hope the 'She's gone' title for 8.02 means Kepner's run away! LOL


I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing,
bad thing - she could be there to take Zola back?
good thing - she could be there to help Meredith and Derek officially adopt Zola? This is going to be the longest 2 weeks ever.

Steph w

I bet she will put Derek and Meredith through marriage counselling and seeing how they deal with that,just to get their relationship back on track. So that she knows that they are suitable parents, but also have the relationship with each other as man and wife.


I think the social worker will not be happy to find out that Der hasn't been at home with Mer and Zola. Kinda breaks up the arrangement that Janet was expecting, so maybe a SL to make it clear evrything is not going to be straight forward for MerDer and Zola?? I'm not sure if Webber or Alex will be a part of the house building team. Will they manage to get any scenes of the builders minus their shirts. Anything to improve those ratings eh Shonda! LOL.


Agree with everyone else, leave Zola alone and let them all bond as a proper family. Which episode will she be back in between epi 4-7 which are the october episodes i'm guessing number 6 the one the KmK will direct :-)


Way to go Janora!


Stay a way from Zola and let the Married couple work out their problem and have the family they deserve


Amen to that Dexter zola is just a baby she was better in africa instead of going though all of this stealing and problems.

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