Jenny's Absence Will Be "Addressed" on Gossip Girl

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With Taylor Momsen done with acting, it's safe to say we've seen the last of Jenny.

It's Gossip Girl, of course, so you can never rule anything out. But don't expect an appearance this season by Little J, who was scarcely seen in Season Four and will probably not be a part of the show any longer.

But, it’s not like the show will pretend like she never existed.

The Vixen Returns

According to TV Line, her absence "will be addressed" in the season premiere (see promo and pics). What do you think the producers have in mind for her? Something generic? Something far more funny?

Share your best ideas for what Jenny's up to in the comments below!

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@princessbecks9 They have briefly addressed suicide in season 1, it's why Serena came back to the city from boarding school, because Eric was at the ostrtoff centre after trying to kill himself :), and i don't know if you can count these but Juliett's attempt at destroying Serena last season, when she drugged her and left her in the motel room after the saints and sinners ball, it made it look like she was trying to kill herself, and in the finale when charlie made it look like she was going to jump out of the window!
But i will really miss Jenny Humphrey and i am a fan of Taylor Momsen, so hopefully she'll do a couple gust appearances like last season, or it least in the finale and especially when the last ever episode airs, whenever that will be! x


i miss jenny humphrey a lot.... we from asia.. miss jenny!!!
she is useful in gossip girl !
hope she appears in the ENDING of the end gossip girl !


Jenny will probably be sent to rehab for extreme use of eye makeup.


I'm not a big fan of Jenny in the show, nor was I in the book series, but how cool wouldit have been if they would have done a spin-off for the book series 'It Girl'?? Jenny's the main character, and it would just be a lot of fun to watch the series unfold!):


Would they have the guts to kill her off? More likely she is working for Blair's mother in Paris.


Jenny=suicide. They haven't addressed suicide in the show at all and it would show what their whole world can do to people.


I really hope they're recasting the role for Jenny Humphrey.
I like Taylor. But I like Jenny Humphrey as a character too.


They should have her leave and go to Waverly Academy ! haha (:


probably she will leave to Europe to study some fashion career... and hopefully in the finale episode of GG Nate will finally realize they are meant together and will go to find her :) haha #HopeIsTheLastThingYouLose regarding Vanessa and Dan, according to me Dan actually has not been as incorruptible as he tries to be, let's remember he "ruined" Blair's birthday party, he also went behind Blair's back when they were at W, he tried to sabotage Serena's relationship with Ben, and one more, he tricked Chuck so he could write an article about him, So Dan should stop pretending his such a good person and he should learn to forgive his real friends (he actually gave Georgina a second chance at the beginning of S3, after all she did, I like Dair but he befriended with the girl that banish his sister???), as the Upper East Siders do!! Vanessa did all those stuffs because she was played (it's not a real excuse) but for god's sake he should give her a second chance, and he'll mature...


@DexterIdolizer--I don't think Dan and Vanessa's friendship was going to do much progressing in the new season--not after she turned in his manuscript, after he specifically told her to forget she ever saw it. I'm also curious as to why the checks are going to be sent to her in Barcelona--not that she can cash them. I guess she will be supposedly 'holding' them until Dan realizes what's happened. Her character didn't stay true to itself, as evidenced by Vanessa's assimilation into the culture, via designer duds, etc. I think she would have been far more interesting, had she remained the 'conscience' of the UES crew. Good riddance. I hate the Eric is gone, but there wasn't much in the way of storylines for him, was there? The GG storylines are more suited to the girls, for the most part. Taylor cut her nose off to spite her face. I doubt she'll be back. It SEEMS like she's burned a few bridges, if one believe the media reports. Let her rock on--she'll age before her time, her voice will cave, and she'll be looking to do something else.

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