Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Is Blair Pregnant?!

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Before the fairy tales come the obstacles.

With a new season of Gossip Girl one week away, the latest CW promo for "Yes, Then Zero" is sure to get people talking. We've been promised a shocking pregnancy reveal, and if it were Blair, that would certainly qualify.

It could be all misdirection, but when you see Dan and Chuck disputing who B was last "with," you can't help but wonder ... especially with her preparing to marry someone else. Now THAT would be some drama!

Take a look at the promo here and see what you think ...

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I don't agree what the writer have done, they shouldnt have got Blair pregnant, if she is... Oh well i' ll just stop watching gossip girl.


I want it to be Blair but I'm not getting my hopes up. I just cannot see it being a surprising pregnancy if they go that direction.


Please let it be Blair! It is the first thing to get me excited for Gossip Girl in a long time!


I hope it is Blair. I think a pregnancy storyline would be amazing. There's no reason for Blair to give up her dreams. Women balance family and career. She's a little young but she's hardly a teenager. I'm excited but I get the feeling the writers will trick us and show someone else is pregnant in the premeire. Alot of people are speculating the will do a little misdirection. So Chair fans: Don't give up if someone else is pregnant. Blair may still be pregnant too. ;)


I Love You


@ arwenkstar, I totally agree with everything you said! They are way to young and way to immature to have a baby.


@ RubsBlue: you are not the only one, I've been thinking the same since the end of season 3. And I agree with you, the people in the USA seem to have a wrong idea of how european monarchies work.


*I doubt it is Charlie 'cuz she wasn't "with" anyone either and I really don't think they're gonna give Eleanor a baby after what happened the first time Blair thought her mom was pregnant.


It doesn't make sense for it to be anybody BUT Blair. Vanessa wasn't in her apartment, Jenny has been gone since late mid-season. Doubt it is Serena since she wasn't really WITH anyone at the end of last season. I think someone confirmed it was NOT Dorota's baby. Who else would be in the apartment? Eleanor? Charlie? Doubt it. Yes, the previews are usually deceitful, but maybe that is what we are supposed to think this time around? If it is anyone else but Blair then I'd be really disappointed. It has to be her.


Oh god, it's too much for me seeing 21-22 years old boys and girls doing WHATEVER the want with their lives and tons of money, getting kick-asses jobs without even going to college lessons, getting married just because the european monarchy it's so old fashion (don't you americans reads magazines? Have you seen Casiraghis' lives? Believe me it's so not old fashion) I hope there is no pregnancy for anybody.
I am the only one that thinks they're loosing control with the show?

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Don't ever go to high school, Dorota. The girls are spoiled, stupid and ungrateful! One snapshot with a socialite and it's all Serena, Serena, Serena!


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