Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Is Blair Pregnant?!

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Before the fairy tales come the obstacles.

With a new season of Gossip Girl one week away, the latest CW promo for "Yes, Then Zero" is sure to get people talking. We've been promised a shocking pregnancy reveal, and if it were Blair, that would certainly qualify.

It could be all misdirection, but when you see Dan and Chuck disputing who B was last "with," you can't help but wonder ... especially with her preparing to marry someone else. Now THAT would be some drama!

Take a look at the promo here and see what you think ...

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it definetly is blair. if no one remembers the last episode before she leaves with the prince she throws the test in the garbage and it comes out positive, and the dad is of course Chuck!


perhaps it's Blair but there's a twist envolved. Bet you Dan and blair had sex. I'll cry if they did :(


Oh, God. Come on - it won't be Blair. It's way, way, way too obvious.


I'll believe it, when I see it.


I have said this beforebutimgonna say it againfor those who havnt seen it. So we know the whole pregnancy thing will be revealed at the end of the premiere. but there is a scene from the 2nd episode on YouTube that was recorded by some bystanders where Blair feels sick and she has to go to the bathroom.. And you would think this scene was trying to mislead us to think Blair is pregnant. But see why would they have to mislead us in the 2nd ep if we know who's pregnant by the first ep??? mystery solved. I think it's Blair and I do hope it's blair because it will give some well needed spice to the show. And COME ON who can say no to a chair baby?


The promos are always miseading and there is no reason for things to be different now! There is just as much chance of the pregnancy test belonging to Blair's future sister-in-law.... prompting her trip to America!


@tash: I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, I'm saying that in this time and age people usually are not emotionally ready at 20 for parenthood, there are exceptions of course, but most people prefer to get marry and have kids after 25 more or less, or in other words, after college and the start of a career, none of which Blair and most of the GG young men and girls have at this point. In our times it is considered the norm to get marry and have kids between 25 and 35 years old, before that it's considered a risky move that may or may not jeopardize once future and that of the kid the person is having, the person could be one of the lucky ones but who is to know how lucky is the person going to be beforehand? Of course, all these kids have money and parents that would probably back them in the face of a surprise pregnancy (although there is a widespread believe in fanfics that Eleanor's reaction will be less than enthusiastic) but still even among rich people it will be hardly considered an acomplishment to be pregnant without a carrier at 20 years old.


Ummm why is it not suitable for Blair to be pregnant? People have babies all the time YOUNGER than Blair! She's twenty, so in terms of being suitable, it's not like it doesn't happen in reality. Secondly, people are just saying they don't like the storyline because to them, babies ruin the show. Just wait till the premiere because we don't even know if it's her. And if it is, then people gonna have to just accept it.

Uncle jackass

Agreed, if you believe in the promo then you believe that gullible is not in the dictionary. Well, it also appears that team Duck is going fine, but I don't think there was any real tension between Dan and Chuck; it was just a conversation. @Nina, It all sounds good to me.


Listen, I really do believe Blair is the one pregnant and that for once they are telling us the truth with that promo. That being said, that doesn't mean I want Blair to be pregnant. If it was my call, this storyline would have not been used in this show. I agree with many that this isn't a suitable age for Blair being pregnant or for her, Chuck or any of these kids to become parents. But for better or worse, the evidence is strongly pointing towards Blair, and not only because of the promo, but also because of the strange outfits Leighton is sporting lately while filming, the last one of those being quite loose fitting as you can see on the Just Jared photos of Thursday and Friday. And the CW site, on the GG section, has an section about preventing teen pregnancy, for me this is a sign that is somebody young (Blair or Serena like Ausiello said) or Charlie/Ivy by a long shot (Jenny or Vanessa no because they are out so where is the drama in that and also Taylor will hardly comeback since she is quitting acting). The actress that plays Dorota said it wasn't her. Lily was on house arrest in her house. One of several points against Serena is that she looks too happy and laid back in L.A. for someone with an unexpected/unwanted pregnancy. It's not that I'm rooting for this (Blair's only 20!), is that the evidence points towards her. Btw, I always say GG has always made clear they are not for moralizing but one has to wonder what are they thinking with this storyline.

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