Modern Family Review: "When Good Kids Go Bad"

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Good Governor, I just love you Phil Dunphy. You can make up raps about sandwiches any time you want for me.

In "When Good Kids Go Bad," we went back to the usual Pritchett/Dunphy family politics: arguing over who is right.

Jay v. Manny

In one of her more desperate maneuvers to date, Claire goes to lengthy measures to prove that Phil pushed her and knocked her over at the grocery store. Heck, she goes as far as getting a copy of the grocery store security department. It's in the reflections of her family's faces that she realizes perhaps she went too far this time. It's a sickness, she suddenly notes. Where did her overwhelming need to be right come from?

Everyone is always quick to blame a child's behavior on the parents, but in this case it's actually true. Little kids mimic what they see. If Mitchell doesn't share, Lily won't want to either. If Jay always had to be right, Claire was bound to turn out the same way. Even if it means locking a two-year-old Mitchell in a dryer to prove her point.

Poor Mitchell, he can never catch a break. Just when he thinks Cam is to blame for Lily's latest issue of not wanting a sibling, he finds out that was partially at fault, too. Although, I do believe that it's a combination of Lily being coddled and not learning to share, thus both parents need to address it. I mean, Cam really does carry her around as a fanny pack... a very cute fanny pack.

The hour's second episode was classic Cam all the way. Just the simple stunt of the banner, sparklers, and "Let's Hear It For the Boy" blasting had me cracking up. This is how I like my Modern Family to be.

It's the subtle things that make it so enjoyable. Whether it's the way Haley and Alex banter or watching Jay interrogate Manny like he's in the mafia, I think the show is at it's best when it's not trying to pull any ratings stunts.

The "Dude Ranch" was a fun way to kick off the season, but I preferred the second episode. A major reason, the quote below:

Claire: None of you believe me so I got proof. You should all be sucking it right now!
Gloria: Claire, please, enough with the sucking it! They're children! | permalink
Mitchell: The attic? Why?
Luke: At least it's big. Grandpa said you used to live in a closet. | permalink
Cam [about Lily]: She looks like she was dipped in glue and dragged through a flea market. | permalink
Phil: Guess it's just one of those things that we'll never know, like what really happened to the Titanic.
Claire: It hit an iceberg.
Phil: Maybe. | permalink


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Lily saying "daddy,up" as if she had always had her way and Cam saying those days are over(whimper)followed by "I push the buttons,daddy"...I'm still laughing at Cam's expression.


One thing that surprises me the most from this episode is Gloria's acting! Especially when Jay was like 'he's not gotta able to live with that' and Gloria goes 'you'd be suprised what people can live with Jay' (and stares judgingly) I don't know if it's only me, but that scene gives me chill! It brought me back thinking if she's only a gold digger or giving a momentum to jay for being so righteous. Love this episode wayyyy better than the first one

Leigh r

Thanks Dan!! Eric, I think they got a new Lily because the twins who played her were unhappy. Also now that she's older she can get some lines aka "kill other baby" ha


Liked this episode a lot more than the premiere. I felt like each story hit the right note! Lily was especially funny because of all her "Kill baby", etc comments. Looking forward to the rest of the season with this new addition :)


I thought I'd miss the old Lily, but the new Lily is just as cute and definitely funny. It's so nice to have Modern Family back!

Sommerleigh pollonais

Community,Big Bang and Modern Family are the only comedies I truly laugh out loud at while watching. I'm so glad to have this show back. I love every character in this show. My favs being Phil,Gloria and Cam. My only peeve with this show is Claire (who I can only stomach when she's on screen with Phil). I know it's how the character is written and kudos to the actress playing her so well, that I want to take a drill to my brain every time she opens her mouth.


@Eric yeah they got a new actress, and boy was it a good move. I thought this new Lilly was the best thing about this fantastic second episode. From shoving other babies, to constant "My daddy!"s and "Kill other baby"s she was hilarious. Nice work Leigh!


I agree with you Leigh and @jmaddi, the second episode was better. Just loved having my Modern Family back. Just one question, did they swap out actresses for Lily? When did that kid age so much!?


way better than the first ep. lilly holding cams finger in the shower was hilarious. i was shocked that they showed her shoving a baby. that may have crossed the line. great ep though. i think cam and mitch should just adopt a boy thats older than lilly so he can put her in her place.

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Alex: Could you L a little less O L? Can't you see what I'm trying to do here?
Haley: Die alone?

Claire: Could you grab an extra virgin-
Phil: I think one's enough for the sacrifice.