Molly Tarlov Interview: I'm No Sadie!

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Molly Tarlov may play mean on Awkward, but she wants to make it very clear: The actress is nothing like Sadie Saxton.

How can I be so certain? Tarlov just told me on the phone that Sadie is "the opposite of what I believe is true and right about human nature." Well, okay then!

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Tarlov laughs and says she'd love for Sadie to "become nice" on season two, but she doubts that will happen. We might see more vulnerability to the character, however.

"I loved on episode six when we saw her at home with her mom," the actress said. "That's what distinguishes our show from others. You really see all sides to everyone."

But what will we see on Tuesday, when Awkward airs two episodes to close out its first season? Tarlov offers a few teases:

  • There will be a winter formal.
  • "We have a Valerie and Sadie situation," adding that Desi Lydic (Valerie) is "pure genius."
  • We WILL learn who wrote the letter.

Consider yourselves properly teased, Awkward fans. TV Fanatic, as always, will be covering both these episodes in depth.

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Did anyone notice that Awkward told us who wrote the letter . . . sorta, I'm skeptical with 2nd seasons and their tendency to over do the same old tricks ,but they never showed the entire letter?!? What if there was at least one somewhat redeemable or at least understandable points made in the carefrontation that we don't know about?
I hope season 2 really dives into Jenna and Lacey's relationship. What I loved most about this show is its not an "after school special" type of message just common sense "wish I knew that when" message that just intensifies the show's relativity. Writers need to show Jenna "pulling her head out of her ass" and SAY something to her mother or not!

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