NCIS Producer Previews "New Side" of Tony

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NCIS' ninth season begins tonight with the resumption of a mysterious plot line introduced in May’s finale. What can we expect from DiNozzo's mole hunt and E.J.'s return in "Nature of the Beast"?

Executive producer Gary Glasberg offered TVLine some teases. Excerpts below ...

Still Hunting the P2P

On the timeline of the premiere: "We're going to start the show in real time, in September, look back all the way to May, and then sort of jump through the mission that Tony was on, and carry us to present day."

On tonight's opening sequence: "People are going to see a side of Tony that they’ve never seen before. I highly, highly recommend that you not miss the first five minutes of the show, because it’s going to start with a bang."

On whether fans will recognize Tony's target: "Absolutely. We’re going to learn what the microchip was that EJ found; we’re going to learn who’s in that photograph; and someone is going to die – someone near to NCIS."

"It’s a roller coaster ride, and the nice thing is that while Tony’s aspect of the mission will wrap up, a whole other door will open at the end that sort of keeps the whole thing going. It’s not quite over."

Follow the link for the rest of Glasberg's interview with TV Line!


I live in Canada we don't get NCIS till Tonight at 10:00pm


That not possible that it would premiered there they would not allowed it beside all show premiered in the US first befoe any other state


@Michael: Because it premiered yesterday in Canada it was and great episode...after watching this episode i almost forgive gary glasberg for screwing up the season finale...can't wait to see what happens next:-)


You're missing a plot line with Tony. How's this? Bring back his girl friend Jon? He could meet her in a hospital while running a lead. He was a whole different guy with her in the script. drc


It must be some serious sh*t; Tony's carrying a shotgun, instead of his Sig.


How can you see it last night when it doesnt come on until Tuesday


I saw it last night and it was AMAZING!!!


Got to watch this episode last night in Canada. It was fantastic!!!!


It look like their going back to what the show was in season 2 smart funny and everyone being seen as equals


can't wait and i love it that they are focusing on Tony, he and Gibbs are my fav characters. i can't wait to see this other side of him that they have teased. i hope it's a little less of a class clown and more serious, i love when he gets serious, tones down and reminds us why Gibbs considers him his future replacement and why Gibbs is so fond of him.

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