NCIS Round Table: "Restless"

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Our official review of NCIS broke down "Restless" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger gather for a Round Table discussion of the episode.

Join in below, as we discuss various aspects of the NCIS team's latest adventures ...


What was your general take on this week's episode?

Steve: Excellent. The case kept me guessing, and I enjoyed the developments with Tony, especially the dynamic between the vulnerable DiNozzo and Gibbs as father figure. Always stellar.

Matt: Solid. A good lesson we saw with Lindsay and Tony, albeit on different levels, people go to great lengths to reinvent themselves, whether they're aware of it or not. Well played, NCIS.

Eric: It was great to see the team back together this week after the EJ/P2P case seemed to take over the show. I thought it was a good episode. Interesting enough case, plenty of laughs to go around and some genuinely sad/sweet moments as well. Why fix what ain't broke?

NCIS RT - depreciated -

Favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Steve: Palmer pulling a Ducky on Ducky, earning an even icier, confused Gibbs glare than usual!

Matt: Tough call, but I'll take Ziva walking McGee away from the groupĀ  mocking him. Poor guy.

Eric: Ziva's butchered idiom: "Get your sheep." Fairly close ... it's not like she said rhinoceros.

Do you prefer mature Tony over goofy Tony?

Steve: What's great about this show, and what keeps it so realistic year after year, is that the characters are allowed to be real. Tony is so much more than a one-note, McGee-harassing frat boy. This episode tied in well with Tony's mental state after the season premiere and his evolution in general. He's quite a bit more complex than he lets on, and viewers are starting to see more of it in recent seasons.

Matt: Calling him mature is almost too simplistic. He's more vulnerable and introspective than in years past, but if you think about it, there's always been more to Tony than the superficial exterior. He's just less guarded and more willing to examine his own behavior now, which is neat to see.

Eric: As long as the zingers and obscure references don't stop, I'll allow a little maturation.

Better rule: Gibbs' #6 or Palmer's #1?

Steve: "Never say you're sorry." That may work for Gibbs, but Tony will break it.

Matt: Gibbs' wisdom is unmatched, but really, how do you compete with Jimmy here?

Eric: Pipettes can never be too clean. THAT is Palmer's top rule. Amazing.

Are you excited for Lily Tomlin guest starring next week?

Steve: Yes. Not quite as excited as I am to meet Gibbs' ex-wife, which I'm very curious about (and will also include an appearance by Fornell), but Lily's great and the promo looks funny.

Matt: How can anyone not be looking forward to a McGee episode!

Eric: McGee's grandma winks at Tony in the promo. Enough said.

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Now is the time to start campaigning for another season


Tony is still SFA. Ziva has always pretty much considered herself superior to Tony anyway, so nothing's really changed there. There are some things like loyalty, professionalism, and honesty, that are just as important as rank. In those areas, Tony is by far the superior agent.




I do want her to stay I just am tried of her being shove down our Throat im still piss that she is on the same level as Tony


at last michael you admit that you want ziva to stay.


Janet we are true fans because unlike you and your kind we accpted all characters and don't favor just one anyways is anyone beside me ready for gibbs to be dating again I hear Tony and Mcgee set him up with that Coast Guard Agent


dont know why some people hate so much whats wrong with you its your choice to not like a charactor but to keep writing hateful things is wrong.i personaly dont like vance(not thats hes an african american like the idiot michael said)but i dont keep putting him down like some people do to ziva she is a important member of the team and it just wouldnt be NCIS without hatefull people go find another site this site is for true fans.


Well editor, all I can say is you are pretty clueless for all your spouting off. First, I am not "threatened" by a fictional character, which is what Ziva is. I get the feeling that you may have difficulty differentiating that your "our girl" is a writer's creation. I have been very dissatisfied with how SB changed the show from a fun, light hearted team series, with fun, brilliant, and flawed characters, to the wonder victim soap opera. The show has lost most of it's clever edge. When SB decided that the Ziva character needed to be turned into the sex symbol, Mary Sue, most valued agent, and turn GIbbs into a pushover, so Ziva's betrayals could be forgotten, Tony into an idiot to make her always superior, and throw a pity party that lasted all of season 7 and half of season 8, for Ziva, I became quite disgusted with the predictable, boring format. If it makes you feel better to be insulting to and about those who have a different view than yours, knock yourself out.


that because were not soap opera fans we NCIS fan and we will always beat Tiva


I don't know if I said this before....I love the Round Table conversations.
These guys KNOW this show.
They don't pick on the characters, they simply comment on how they see them
developing over the years and for the episodes.
Really good !
Thanks fellas...

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